Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Experiences of the Gospel According to Hate

     The Holy Blog had it's five month birthday on March 2nd.  I competely missed it, too busy writing, I guess.  

     When I started this blog, I was frightened that people would misunderstand my motives, that they would attack and reject me.  Some have, and for a while, I struggled to keep writing.  Part of me wanted to retreat back into that disfunctional closet that kept me captive for decades, but I resisted the old voices.  Who knew I could be so stubborn?

     In addition to the wrath letters, I've recently started receiving letters from people who have been touched by my sharing and honesty.  People have been telling me their stories, about the abuses they've endured at the hands of other's distorted gods and "loving" gospels.   These stories are painful and scandalous, attrocious and enraging, but they are also stories of healing, hope, and breaking free to live in the truth.

     In the comments below, I invite you to share your stories.  How have you survived The Gospel According to Hate

     (Please be respectful.  Don't forget the Holy Blog's Ten Commandments.)