Friday, March 19, 2010

Tsunami of Sexual Abuse Claims Engulf Pope Benedict's Former Diocese where His Staff Was Kept in the Dark Concerning Past Abuse

     The New York Times reports:
    Pope Benedict XVI's former diocese is facing new allegations of physical and sexual abuse on a daily basis, the head of its new sex-abuse task force said Friday.
    ''It is like a tsunami,'' Elke Huemmeler, who leads the diocese's newly founded abuse prevention task force, told The Associated Press.
    When the first abuse cases broke at Ettal about three weeks ago, Huemmeler immediately sat down with four or five colleagues to brainstorm and find a way out of the ''disaster'', as she calls it.
    ''I don't think I have ever seen us that shocked,'' Huemmeler, head of the diocese's social work unit, said about the church leadership.    
     Here's my idea for your brainstorm session: quit looking  for "a way out of the 'disaster'" and turn everything you find over to the civil authorities and people who are not involved in the Catholic Church.  Anyone working for the church and seeking a "way out"  has no authority for an impartial investigation.

     It is only a matter of time before more cases of abuse during Pope Ben/ Ratzinger's tenure in Munich become known.  The question is whether Huemmeler and other Catholics working with her will be open and honest if and when the pope's name comes up again.

    Erwin Wild, then spokesman of the diocese's council of priests, said he and his colleagues were not informed by Ratzinger that the priest was an offender, which he thinks was wrong.
    ''We should have known,'' Wild said.
    Yes, you should have known, but that would have been inconvenient for Ratzinger's ambitions.

    Will we ever get accurate information from a church-led investigation into the Pope's possible involvement in sexual abuse?  I doubt it.  Even the Vatican official responsible for the church-led investigations into such cases admits that the surge in sexual abuse cases could overload his small staff of ten.

   The church needs to turn everything over to outside investigators.  This is the only way the church can regain any sort of credibility.

Jon Stewart's Response to the Sexual Abuse Scandal and Hypocrisy in the Catholic Church

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Pope Benedict Opens Mouth to Irish Church in Pastoral Letter about Sexual Abuse

     Today's Roman Catholic Mad Libs:
Pope Benedict _____ has signed a _____ addressed to the Irish church in response to the _____ sexual abuse scandal.  Open mouth.  Insert _____.

    Bishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg told Bavarian Radio on Tuesday that he was surprised by the number of [sexual abuse] cases that had come to light, and that the matter had to be dealt with openly and directly. “It’s bitter and it’s hard, but it absolutely has to be worked through,” he said. “This abscess must be opened and dried out so that it can heal.”
     Not the best choice of words, Schick: "bitter," "hard," "opened," and "absolutely has to be worked through."  Perhaps it's best if, from now on, clerics just keep their mouths shut, especially around altar boys.

     Not so for Pope Ben, who has opened his mouth again, amid his own alleged involvement in the sexual abuse scandal, by writing a "pastoral letter" to the Irish churchSigned today, the letter will be unveiled tomorrow

     How can anyone who has been a part of the hierarchy that harbored abusers at the expense of the victims speak with any dignity and authority concerning victims of sexual abuse and future preventative measures?  Pope Benedict needs to shut his mouth and resign.

Priest Sex Tape Outs Altar Boy Abuse in Brazil

     The sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church continues it cancerous romp around the world.  Add Brazil to the ballooning list of nations where the sacred silence protecting sexully abusive clergy has been broken.

     Over the past week in Brazil, the scandal entered the digital age, when 82-year-old Monsignor Luiz Marques Barbosa was outed as an abuser when the SBT network aired a video of Barbosa having sex with an altar boy.  The AP reports:
    In its report last week, SBT showed footage of a man who looks like Barbosa having sex with the 19-year-old. It said the footage was secretly filmed in January 2009 by a 21-year-old man who charges Barbosa had abused him since age 12.
    SBT said the video was sent anonymously to the network, and reporters went to the town of 200,000 people to investigate last month.
    An SBT reporter visited Barbosa's house to conduct an interview and confront him with the allegations.
    Before raising the allegations of sexual abuse, the reporter asks if the priest had ever sinned.
    "Who has never committed a sin?" Barbosa responds.
    The priest is then asked if the region has problems with pedophilia.
    "I think it is more (a problem) of homosexuality than pedophilia," Barbosa says.
    Asked directly if he ever abused boys, Barbosa says he could only answer such a question "in confession." He then ends the interview, which was aired Thursday and posted on SBT's YouTube page.
    Bishop Valerio Breda released a statement saying that in light of the "grave and lamentable facts made public on television," Barbosa and the two other priests had been suspended.
    "We reproach, without restriction and with hearts broken by shame and sadness, the facts in the report which, despite their not having been proven, have outraged human and Christian conscience," Breda wrote.
    He added that none of the alleged victims or their families had ever contacted the church regarding the allegations of abuse.
     "More (a problem) of homosexuality than pedophilia"?  If you start screwing kids when they are 12, it doesn't matter what your orientation is, you have more than a problem.  Barbosa, you are criminal and a very sick man, guilty of pedophilia and ephebophilia.  The way you scapegoat homosexuality as the reason for your illness is very Roman Catholic of you. 

     Secondly, to say that you'll only talk about it in confession, is bullshit.  That is how the Catholic Church in the United States handled these cases in the past.  They viewed a cleric's sexual actions with youth as a moral failing more so than a crime, disease, and compulsive behavior.  That is the archaic viewpoint that allowed clerics to re-abuse.  Sure, Barbosa, keep on going to confession, the video of you with your pants down getting a blow job from an altar boy shows that the "grace" of the sacrament is working.

     As for you, Bishop Valerio Breda, and your comment that none of the victims contacted the church regarding the abuse allegations:  good!  Why should they have informed the church?  We've seen how well the church has handled such cases in the past.  Trying to induce guilt in victims because they don't go through the channels of the church to seek justice is ludicrous.  That's like telling the victims of a terror attack to go through Al-Qaeda to seek their justice.

     "Not having been proven"?  Come on, bishop, the proof is in the video embedded below.  It is sexually graphic, even though genitals have been blurred out, so do not watch it if you don't want to see an octogenarian monsignor with his penis in an altar boy's mouth.