Sunday, April 18, 2010

Should Mike Huckabee be Allowed to Adopt Puppies? New Hypocrisy Poll

     Here's the latest Hypocrisy Poll.

Adorable Puppies          No: Huckabee should not be allowed to teach his version of right wing Christian, hatred, fear, and discrimination to cute, vulnerable, innocent, needy, and malleable  puppies.

     Yes: Puppies need Huckabee's Jesus to be saved from puppy purgatory.

Sarah Palin Hypocrisy Poll Winner

     Which fundamentalist Christian Republican beauty queen is the biggest hypocrite?

     All of you heretics voted, and the results are in.

In last place, with 1% of the vote: Lauren Ashley

Tied for second place, each with 15% of the vote:

The winner, with an apropos 69% of the vote: Sarah Palin

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