Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catholic Priest-Perpetrators of Europe and the Americas Were Shipped to Africa

     What were the Catholic bishops of Europe and the Americas to do with their all their priest-pedophiles?  Where could they send them so that no one would ever find out?  Where could they escape prosecution?  Where could they go where it wouldn't matter what they do to more children?  Why, Africa, of course.

     Tighten your cinctures.  Here's the next round in the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal: the inherently patronizing and racist attitudes towards Africa, where American and European bishops banished many a predator-priest, because they didn't care about kids in Africa.

     Damning reports accusing senior Catholic clerics of institutional cover-up of sexual abuses are still emerging, as predator priests in Europe and the Americas sent to Africa, allegedly, continued offending whilst dodging prosecution in their home country.
     The AFP has been questioning people in Nigeria, which counts the highest number of Catholics in Africa, Uganda and Congo if such abuses have been endured by some members. The head of the Southern African Bishops Conference has, meanwhile, publicly acknowledged that the issue of paedophilia has truly inflicted African Churches and that about 40 abuse cases have been reported since the last 14 years.
     News24, an online South Africa news source, quotes a former clergyman from Burkina Faso, Felix Koffi Ametepe as saying: "When I was in the church, I happened to discover some suspected cases of abuse, especially by foreign clergy. There’s a certain tolerance among African Catholic communities regarding priests who visit women. Even if people very well know that the priest has a child, or that he has ongoing relations with a woman, no one does anything about it.  Everyone accepts if a priest is with a woman, but no one would understand what he would look for in a boy. That means that no child would be believed if he said that a priest had touched him."
     And the church continues to claim that celibacy works...and that condoms don't.  Yes, their traditional values definitely place the well-being of children above all else.

ROTC Student, Sara Isaacson, Owes Military $80,000 after Don't Ask, Don't Tell Dismissal

     Another honest American has been thrown under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell HUMMER, and it's costing her more than her ROTC scholarship.  Campus Progress Reports:
     Sara Isaacson was an ROTC student at University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill until she came out to her commander as a lesbian. Now 21-year-old Isaacson, who is originally from Wisconsin, owes nearly $80,000 to the U.S. Army for repayment of a scholarship for seven semesters as an out-of-state student.
     In the interview, Sara dismantles the unit cohesion argument that supporters use to argue for continuing DADT.  Sara turns the argument on its side, arguing that DADT actually erodes unit cohesion.
     I think when we talk about arguments about unit cohesion I think that's the most harmful thing you can have to unit cohesion, your platoon in your unit is supposed to be your family, it's supposed to be your support system. If you're putting up walls with your soldiers because you're living in fear every single day that a pronoun's going to slip or that someone is going to somehow find out that you're gay or lesbian or bisexual. If you can't get close to your soldiers who you need to be able to trust with your live, that's really harmful to unit cohesion and to mission readiness because you need to be able to trust everyone implicitly.

George Rekers' Rentboy, Lucien, Reveals the Details of their Contract, Anti-Gay "Star " Expert Rekers Still in Denial

     "Lucien," the male escort of anti-gay activist and Baptist minister George Alan Rekers, spoke to CNN's Randi Kaye in an interview last night, confirming Rev. Rekers hypocrisy and lies.  Rekers still claims that "Lucien" was hired only to carry his bags and that he didn't know "Lucien" was rented from  

     In the embedded video below, "Lucien" reveals the contract that he had with Rekers, which agreed to much more than just bag carrying.  Also, NARTH and the Family Research Council have released statements distancing themselves from Rekers.  

     It appears these conservative Christian organizations have passed judgement on Rekers.  His lies, denial, and ex-gay therapy can't save him from the truth: he is a member of what he referred to as a "deviant segment of society."  As if, the mustache hadn't been giving him away.

     Also, Equality Florida reports that Rekers was paid $120,000 by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum to serve as a "star" witness to defend Florida's anti-gay adoption bill.  Those are your tax dollars at work, Florida.  How's that for the separation of church and state.  He's definitely a "star" witness now.

Here's the "Lucien" interview, from last night's Anderson Cooper 360.