Friday, May 14, 2010

Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's Hypocrisy

     Glenn Beck, who calls everyone Nazis, is angry.  No big surprise, right?  But get this, he's angry because of the historical comparisons being made between Arizona's new papers-please immigration law to the papers-please laws of Nazi Germany.

     Below, The Daily Show gives it to Beck, exposing Beck's Nazi Tourette's.
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John McCain's Danged Lies, Danged Hypocrisy, and the Danged Fence Commercial

     Senator John McCain's Tea-Party desperation and hypocritical meltdown continues.

     After flip-flopping on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, lying about never having considered himself a maverick, and supporting Arizona's controversial papers-please immigration law, John McCain is now contradicting his former self by supporting the construction of a wall between Arizona and Mexico.  He must not think much of his Tea Party constituency's level of intelligence, for if he believed they could read a map or google a sheriff's name, he wouldn't have released his "complete the danged fence" commercial.

     In the news report embedded below, Rachel Maddow unmasks McCain's hypocrisy, for example:
  • McCain has repeatedly stated that he was against the building of a fence on the border.  Now he supports the danged fence.
  • The sheriff in McCain's "complete the danged fence" commerical is a sheriff of a county that does not border Mexico.  How dumb does McCain think people are?  All one has to do is look at a map to see that Pinal County isn't on the border.
  • The sheriff of the county that McCain's commercial pretends to be, neither supports the building of a wall nor the papers-please law.  He's also a person of color, whereas McCain's fake border sheriff, who says to McCain "You're one of us," is white.
     In the video below, Maddow interviews that actual sheriff of Santa Cruz County, Antonio Estrada.  Watch the video and you'll see why McCain's Tea Party flirtation will be the final undoing of his already besmirched national credibility.

Pope Benedict Tells Portugal to Ban Gay Marriage and Abortion, but I Think Portugal Should Ban Religious Hypocrites

     Addressing a huge crowd at the shrine of Fatima at the climax of his four day visit to Portugal, the 83-year-old Pope said that same sex marriage and abortion were among the "most insidious and dangerous challenges that today confront the common good."
      But spiritual leaders raping children to bring them closer to their god or because sex with kids still counts as celibacy, that's not an affront to the public good?  (The good of the Vatican's bank account.)  And what about all those priests procuring abortions for nuns?  Let's call a miter a miter, Your Hoagieness.
     Stonewall, the British lesbian and gay lobby group, condemned the Pope’s remarks.  “Some might say that it’s dangerous and insidious for the Pope to spend so much time publicly belittling gay, lesbian and bisexual people,” said Derek Munn, director of public affairs.
     The Pope's remarks carried particular resonance for his host country – three years ago Portugal decriminalised abortion and it is now on the verge of legalising homosexual unions.  A law allowing same-sex marriage was passed by parliament in February.  President Anibal Cavaco Silva, a practising Catholic, is expected to sign the bill into law by May 17, three days after the end of the papal visit.  His ratification would make Portugal the sixth country in Europe to allow same-sex marriages after Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway.
     We'll know on Monday whether Pope Ben's trip was enough to shame the Portuguese president into discriminating against gays.  

     I, for one, think it would be a fun experiment for nations to pass laws ordering the removal of all gay priests and the banning of all future gay ordinations in the Catholic Church.  Let's call it the Hypocrisy Act of 2010.  After all, what is more insidious and dangerous to our youth than teaching them how to live double lives in someone's god's name?  Aren't we just training them to be undercover terrorists living in Arizona?

     We could also add the arrest, incarceration, and public lashing of all bishops and popes that covered-up sexual abuse or smuggled pedophile-priests (a.k.a. known-child-terrorists) across international borders.  Let's see how the church likes the state telling it what to do.

Is it just me, or is Ben looking more like John Paul II everyday?
What law should we pass for those millions in the crowd, who are cheering on a known accomplice to child rape?

George Rekers Sing-Along and News Update, He's Suing and He's Completely Heterosexual

     Anti-gay "expert" and Baptist pastor Dr. George Rekers is completely heterosexual.  Forget the fact that he hired Lucien from to lift his baggage and massage his anus, including mutual touching, and that there's a contract that proves this.  Forget the fact that there are pictures.  Rekers is still claiming that he is straight and he going to sue...somebody.

     Matthew Staver of Liberty Counsel has offered to represent Rekers in his quest to sue the media for reporting on Rekers' hypocrisy.  Protecting Rekers is important to Stavers and the anti-gay Christian lobby, because Rekers pseudo-research has been quoted in Stavers court cases arguing against same sex marriage in California and against adoption by LGBT persons in Florida.  Rachel Maddow reports in the first video below:

Here's the fun song of the day: "George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual" by Roy Zimmerman

Glory, how he blew ya!