Thursday, June 10, 2010

Priests Gather at Vatican to Celebrate the End of the Year for Priests and What a Year It's Been

     Catholic priests from around the world are gathering at the Vatican to celebrate the culmination of what Pope Benedict XVI christened "the Year for Priests" in the Roman Catholic Church.  It just wasn't the year that Benny and his self-congratulatory clerics had in mind last June when he made the proclamation.

     You can read the entire declaration by Pope Benedict made in June 2009 here, but this is my favortie line, in which Benny refers to and quotes the Cur矇 of Ars (no comment), John Mary (no comment) Vianney, patron saint of priests:
     A few moments ago, in the Choir Chapel, I was able to venerate the relic of the saintly Cur矇 of Ars: his heart. A heart that blazed with divine love, experienced amazement at the thought of the dignity of the priest, and spoke to the faithful in touching and sublime tones, telling them that “after God [sic], the priest is everything! ... Only in heaven will he fully realize what he is.”
     What sexual abuse scandal?  Pedopope?  Bah.  It's been a year to celebrate the holiness of the divinely revealed patriarchal system that rules the Catholic masses.  "After God [sic], the priest is everything!" Wasn't that the same line that Fr. Murphy in Wisconsin used to seduce and rape nearly 200 deaf children?

     But, I digress.  It was a year to for Catholics to praise their god/priests, and what a better time to do this than in the midst of a scandal in which the last two popes, who are the head of the heads of these divine priestly vessels, the firsts among equals, who stand in the person of Jesus Christ, embodying his ultimate sacrifice and suffering before feeding the masses with his flesh and are everything after god itself, have been exposed for working together to cover-up and enable child rapists.  Yes, there is no better time than for the church's pointy-hatted cocks to pat one another's straight, celibate backs than now.

     NPR reports:
     Welcoming priests from all over the world, the Vatican No. 2, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said revelations of hundreds of cases of clerical sex abuse show the need for spiritual renewal.
     You remember Cardinal Bertone.  The last time he got such international press was in April, when he said that gays were to blame for pedophilia and there was scientific evidence to prove it.  Yes, Bertone, a man of and for the closeted-gay priesthood, not to mention Medieval divining.
Picture by NPR
     But not all Catholics joined in Bertone's celebration.  Some gathered in protest.  NPR continues:
     ...a group of American, German, Canadian and English women marched in St. Peter's Square and chanted their demands that women be ordained.  They wore purple stoles — the symbol for female priests; some even had Roman collars. Their protest lasted about a minute before Vatican police made them leave.  Earlier, the women had denounced the Vatican for honoring priests while the clerical sex abuse scandal is raging.
     "The Vatican is all too happy to turn a blind eye when men in its ranks destroy the lives of children and families, but jumps at the chance to excommunicate women who are doing good works and responding to injustice and the needs of their communities," said Erin Saiz Hanna, executive director of the U.S.-based Women's Ordination Conference.  Under church doctrine, women who attempt to be ordained are automatically excommunicated.
     Hypocrisy is a bitch, and Mother Church is the biggest bitch of them all.

     Also protesting were members of the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP).  They demanded that Pope Ben and the bishops turn all criminal evidence of abuse and cover-up over to civil authorities, that Ben account for his own participation in the cover-up of abuse, and that John Paul II's path to sainthood be halted until an independent commission investigates his role in the cover-up and mishandling of sexual abuse.  The SNAP spokesperson told NPR:
     "These clerics and priests that assaulted us may have stolen our bodies, but it is the bishops and archbishops and cardinals and the popes who stole our voice," Isely added.  There are two Pope Benedicts, according to Isely. One first dismissed the revelations as idle gossip. "But then there is the other Pope Benedict, and this is the one we are hopeful about, the one that said there is no forgiveness without justice," Isely said.  Many Vatican watchers wonder what, if anything, Pope Benedict will say in ceremonies Thursday and Friday about the scandal that has reached the Vatican's doorstep.
     Why people continue to wait for the pope to "do the right thing" is beyond me.  How many more years must those who've been raped, assaulted, abused, harassed, and/or blacklisted by clerics wait, while their perpetrators and those who enabled them are still being paid by the church, receiving sacraments, and some even practicing as priests, bishops, cardinals, and as pope?  How many more children will be sacrificed?

     Nothing short of Ben's personal acceptance of his responsibility, his resignation, and the resignation of the criminal cardinals and bishops like Mahony, Law, Levada, etc. will suffice.

A year for priests, indeed.

Gay Couple Named Prom King and Queen in New York

     Welcome to Hudson High School, where two gay friends attending the prom together were just make King and Queen of the Prom, and the city is supporting them. Go Yankees!  (Boo Braves and Ole Miss).
     On Saturday night, seniors and best friends, who happen also to be gay, Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, were honored by their student body

     WNYT reports:
     The two seniors don't just have the support of their classmates. It appears much of the town is pleased with their victory. So much so that their names are displayed on a sign at one of the local businesses and a gaggle of people showed up Thursday evening to watch them be interviewed.
     "People are not ashamed of us they are really excited this happened," said Ferrusi, whose grandfather is the former mayor of Hudson.
     "We're all equal. I've always told my son, since he was little, to do what you believe. It's all in your heart and you are who you are. Just prove yourself and he (Charlie) has done this," gushed Charlie's proud mom, Kathryn Ferrusi.
     Charlie and Timmy say all they did was be themselves. But they're so happy their classmates not only accept them but also support them.
     Way to go, Hudson, New York!  Hopefully, the New York legislature can learn something about equality from your youngsters.