Monday, July 5, 2010

Worst Children's Book Ever: Does God Love [or Hate] Michael's Two Daddies?

     Click here to read the Amazon readers' reviews of  Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies?, a children's book written by the appropriately named Sheila K. Butt.

     One reader called it "hate propaganda, in its rawest, most profane form - a book written by idiots, for idiots."

     While another reader responded, "The kids that did read it said it was lame and taught hate. I recommend this book for those who want their kids to bully those who come from a different background. The so called christians that want to teach hate will thing this is a gift from god."

     I am so happy there's finally a book out there to teach true Christian values: bigotry is ok as long as it's directed at the right group. For some reason, my kids are not grasping why it is ok to hate people based on traits they were born with and over which they have no control. It's as if there's a natural rejection to conflating faith and politics. Crazy kids. This book is a great help.  Perhaps Ms. Butts can publish a coloring book with Michael's Two Daddies burning for eternity in the fire lake of Hell? I would have to buy my kids more red and orange crayons, but the lesson that homosexuals are lesser humans is worth the expense.