Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bible Believing Christians Gather in Rural Pennsylvania to Discuss Literally Bashing LGBT Persons

     Embedded in the video below is the face of Sarah Palin's "real America" gathered at Coudersport Public Library in rural Pensylvania for local "Bible Believing Christian" Robert Wagner's response to Out in the Silence, a documentary about being gay in rural America.

     Diane Gramley sat peacefully behind Robert Wagner in the Coudersport Public Library as the retired physician shared his views on transgender individuals with the assembled audience. “I'm gonna put a ball bat in my car,” he said, “and if I ever see a guy [Wagner refuses to use proper pronouns] coming out of a bathroom that my granddaughter's in, I'm gonna use the ball bat on him.” Moments later he added: “In the good old days, before 'she-males' existed, they just called such people perverts.”
     Gramley is no stranger to such ideas. As President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Family Association, a 'traditional family values' organization based in Mississippi, she spends much of her time planting similar seeds of suspicion about the dangers posed by “men who think they are women,” her disparaging term for transgender females. She also crusades relentlessly against what she and the AFA call the “homosexual agenda” and the type of legal protections that her and Dr. Wagner's threatening rhetoric suggests are needed for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.
    Watch the video below.  About half way through the video (around 3:00) Joe stands and addresses the gathered bigots.  He's a brave man. 

NOM Is Lying for their god to Discredit Judge Walker

     The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), not to be confused with this NOM, recently released an ad attacking the Federal Court's decision in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger that declared California Proposition 8 unconstitutional.  NOM's ad is full of lies.

     I often feel helpless in the face of these lies.  It's overwhelming to see these lies treated as valid argument in television commercials, news reports, and on the internet.  NOM has already claimed that it is their god-given right to take away others' civil rights.  This Christian group believe that since their god is for them, no one can be against them.  This delusion is the basis of their entitlement, the illusion that feeds their belief that lying for their version of their god's will is holy.

     The Federal Court's decision, authored by Judge Walker, systematically, legally, and constitutionally dismantles these lies.  The lies don't hold up in court.

     As a response, NOM released the new ad, full of homophobic lies, trying to discredit Judge Walker.

     Here is a succinct response from the folks at that confronts and disproves each of the lies in the NOM ad.  Thank you,

Stop Female Genital Cutting

     People commit numerous atrocities in the names of their gods.  One of the worst is the circumcision/mutilation of children and infants' genitals.  
     Here's a report and plea for help from
Across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the following scene is replayed over and over: A girl, often between 4 and 12 years old, is held down by three or four women while all or part of her external and internal genitalia is cut off.  
Complications from this brutal procedure can include severe hemorrhaging, infection, long-term difficulties with intercourse and childbirth, and even death.
Female genital cutting (FGC) reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women.
Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to do all she can to encourage the governments of the countries where this practice takes place to put a stop to it.
More than 100 million women and girls worldwide are affected by different forms of cutting. Infibulation is the most severe form, where some or all of the external genitalia are cut, leaving only a very small opening for urination and menstruation.
The practice of female genital cutting is hard to talk about. But ignoring it only guarantees more suffering, and leadership from the United States would go a long way in urging the countries where FGC occurs to end this human rights abuse.
Nearly three million young girls are at risk of female genital cutting this year alone. Please take action and help save these girls from a lifetime of pain and suffering.