Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minnesota Catholic Anti-Gay DVD Update: Evangelicals Love It; Catholic Artists Hate It

     Usually Evangelical Christians claim that Catholics aren't Christian, because they haven't "accepted Jesus  as their personal savior."  Catholic baptism is not enough.

    But a new age in ecumenism has dawned!  Same-sex marriage is bringing disparate denominations together in Jesus Christ.   The Evangelical Christian leaders of the Minnesota Family Council have thrown their support behind Catholic Archbishop Neinstedt's DVD-attack on gay rights.

     The Minnesota Independent reports (my comments are interspersed):
     The Minnesota Family Council called in a cadre of evangelical pastors on Monday to express support for Catholic Archbishop John Neinstedt’s campaign for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Minnesota and condemned those working toward marriage equality for same-sex couples. Pastor Jim Anderson of Hasting said that same-sex intercourse is “against nature and wrong,” adding that the “body parts don’t fit,” while Steve Goold of New Hope Church said that marriage is important because it tames men from their “passions” and protects women from being exploited by men.
     WTF?  How was exchanging women as property in "traditional marriage" for millennia not exploitation of women by men?  And, Pastor Jim, I'm sorry to tell you, but it is possible for a husband to rape his wife.  Go work in a domestic violence shelter for a few months.
     Anderson spoke of the importance of opposite-sex marriage saying it’s best for children and that same-sex marriage is “dangerous.” “Same-sex marriage is incapable of benefiting society in any of these ways,” he said. “There is a strong and documented case can be made for society being harmed by too much same-sex marriage.”  
      Actually this case can't be made.  These homophobic lies didn't hold up in a federal court of scientific proof and law.  In the states where same-sex marriage is legal, there's no proof of any of these claims.

     He spoke of same-sex intercourse and body parts. “Compassion and love for our homosexual neighbor does not allow us to remain silent concerning the disproportionately high rate of measurable harm that attends same-sex relationships,” he said. “That is why we believe that reasonable persons know that same-sex intercourse is against nature and wrong. The body parts do not fit. We are talking her about material structures of the male female body.”
     These pastors keep claiming that "the body parts don't fit," meaning the penis and the anus.  However, men and women have been taking it up the butt since the beginning of time.  Trust me.  The parts fit.  

     But how many women were unable to take their husband's erect penis up their vagina on their "wedding night" because it was too painful?  There's no barrier in the anus that must be violently ripped through in order for intercourse to take place.  What was the Christian "god of nature" thinking?

     (The 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, a project of the Centers for Disease Control found that “40 percent of males ages 25–44 have had anal sex with a female, and 35 percent of females of this age have had anal sex with a male” without harmful effects.)

     While the Catholic bishops are accepting the kudos of their frenemies, they are going after one of their own: artist in resident at the Basilica of St. Mary's.  The Minnesota Independent reports:
     An artist who had planned to create a sculpture from DVDs send out by Minnesota’s Catholic bishops said she was suspended from her position as the Basilica of St. Mary’s artist in residence. Lucinda Nayor’s project will take anti-gay marriage DVDs sent out to Catholics in advance of the November election and create a message of “creativity and hope.” While Naylor faces a setback at the basilica, she got a boost on Monday when other groups including one called Return The DVD, joined up with her project.
    Here are the bigoted pastors at work:

     Once again, this is tautology at work.  "If we say it enough, it's true."  This good Christian is a liar: