Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Rabbis Go at It over Carl Paladino's Anti-Gay Rant and Ensuing Apology

     In the wake of Republican's Carl Paladino's anti-gay speech and ensuing apology, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, at who's community Paladino made his comments that gay pride is "disgusting" and gays "brainwash" children, is taking Padadino to task.  Levin is angry that Paladino apologized for his anti-gay hate speech.

     In the video below, Lawrence O'Donnell interviews Rabbi Levin, who espoused numerous gay myths such equating homosexuality with pedophilia, all in the name of his scriptures and his Jewish god.

     Also interviewed is Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, who supports equal civil marriage rights for same-sex couples.  Kirshner counters Levin's arguments.

     Kirshner's best line:   "Religion needs to be something that is  a tool to help people cope with the world, not used as a weapon to beat people up."

Whoopie Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Out on Bill O'Reilly's Anti-Muslim Rant; Elisabeth Hasselbeck Claims President Obama Forbade All Americans from Saying "Terrorist"

     Sparks flew on The View yesterday when Bill O'Reilly visited the show.  As he spoke out against the "Ground Zero mosque" and the religious freedom of Muslims to worship where they choose, he derided Joy Behar.  She and Whoopie walked out on him.  After Barbara Walters calmed things down and got O'Reilly to recant some of his extreme comments about Muslims, Elisabeth rang in with a doozy of lie: President Obama forbade the American public to speak the word "terrorist."  Seriously.

     Lawrence O'Donnell reports on the mess below: