Saturday, October 23, 2010

Justice Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed More than Anita Hill

     Huge breaking hypocrisy news out of Washington DC.  Lilian McEwen, former federal prosecutor and old girlfriend/mistress of divorced and remarried Conservative Catholic Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has broken her silence about Thomas' history of sexual harassment and obsession with porn.  Anita Hill wasn't his only victim.  Simply put: Thomas perjured himself during his confirmation hearings so that he could get on the bench.  He's a liar and a hypocrite.  How's that for family values?

     [McEwen] said Hill's long-ago description of Thomas's behavior resonated with her.  "He was obsessed with porn," she said of Thomas, who is now 63. "He would talk about what he had seen in magazines and films, if there was something worth noting."  McEwen added that she had no problem with Thomas's interests, although she found pornography to be "boring."
     According to McEwen, Thomas would also tell her about women he encountered at work. He was partial to women with large breasts, she said. In an instance at work, Thomas was so impressed that he asked one woman her bra size, McEwen recalled him telling her.
     Presented with some of McEwen's assertions, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Thomas was unavailable for comment.
     However bizarre they may seem, McEwen's recollections resemble accounts shared by other women that swirled around the Thomas confirmation.  Angela Wright, who in 1984 worked as public affairs director at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -- which polices sexual harassment claims -- during Thomas's long tenure as chairman, shared similar accounts with Senate investigators. Once, when walking into an EEOC seminar with Thomas, he asked her, "What size are your breasts?" according to the transcript of her Senate interview. Her story was corroborated by a former EEOC speechwriter, who told investigators that Wright had become increasingly uneasy around Thomas because of his comments about her appearance...
     Through the years, McEwen said, she has remained reasonably friendly with Thomas. On two or three occasions, she said, she brought friends to his Supreme Court chambers where they sat for long conversations.  But now, she says, "I know Clarence would not be happy with me."
     "I have no hostility toward him," McEwen said. "It is just that he has manufactured a different reality over time. That's the problem that he has."
     For more, see Consortium News.

     Also, here's the coverage Keith Olbermann did on Thursday about Justice Thomas' wife Virginia calling and leaving a voice mail at Anita Hill's office last weakened asking Hill to apologize to Thomas for what she did to him.  She also said she's praying for Hill.  How kind of her.

Christian Janet Porter's Ignorant and Insane Prayer for Jesus to Control the U.S. Government

     As if the majority of persons serving in government positions in the United States aren't already Christian.

Iowa Marriage Update: Gubernatorial Debate; Out-of-State Anti-Gay Christian Groups Attacking Gay Families & Supreme Court

     Here's a short video from Iowa's gubernatorial debate. Iowans asked questions via YouTube. 

     In this clip, a two mothers and their children ask Republican candidate Terry Branstad why he would support changing the Iowa constitution to deny marriage equality and equal protection under the law to families like theirs. Branstad, who looks uncomfortable being confronted by those he's believes are civilly inferior, goes on to recite that he's Catholic and believes that the people should be given a vote to restore "one-man-one-woman marriage," as if all Catholics agree with him. (They don't. Recent polls show 42-46% of American Catholics support same-sex civil marriage equality.) 

     Then an Iowan asks Democratic candidate Governor Chet Culver why he didn't do his "duty" and let the people vote on the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. Culver's answer is a lesson in sixth grade civics and the separation of powers in our branches of government.  Also, he points out that the Supreme Court Justice, who signed the unanimous decision granting civil marriage equality to all Iowa couples, was appointed by Branstad.  Branstad has yet to state whether he's voting to retain the Iowa Supreme Court Justices that he appointed.

     Towleroad has a fantastic post on the elections in Iowa and how out-of-state anti-gay Christian groups, including the American Family Association, are pumping millions of dollars into Iowa's elections to unseat Governor Culver and three of the three Supreme Court Justices, who were part of the unanimous marriage equality ruling.  Click here to read it.

Dan Savage, Creator of "It Gets Better Project" Responds to President Obama's Words Addressing Bullying of LGBT Kids