Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Tragic Gay Suicide

     The Advocate reports:
     A 26-year-old gay youth activist who worked with HIV/AIDS charities in New York and graduated from the Harvey Milk High School committed suicide over the weekend.
     Rod 2.0 spoke with friends and colleagues of gay youth activist and HIV peer educator Joseph Jefferson. "Joseph was truly a sweetheart," a friend who asked to remain nameless said. "Extremely bright and impassioned about social justice causes... It's such a loss."
     On Saturday, Jefferson posted on his Facebook page: "I could not bear the burden of living as a gay man of color in a world grown cold and hateful towards those of us who live and love differently than the so-called ’social mainstream.’"

Same-Sex Couples to Kiss in Front of Pope: Facebook Censors Protest

     I have to go to Barcelona.  Good luck to the Queer Kissing Flashmob.

     SAME-SEX couples from all over the world have planned to snog each other in the Cathedral square in Barcelona in front of the Pope next month.
     A group on Facebook, Queer Kissing Flashmob, which managed to get 12,000 users to agree to go along on November 7 and display their love in public, has been shut down by Facebook, claim the organisers.  This has added more fuel to the fire, and one of the organisers, Maryl癡ne Carole, expressed her 'disbelief' that a couple kissing in public could be considered 'outrageous' in this day and age.
     “It's difficult to understand how the noble and loving act of kissing your partner can still be defined as 'revolutionary' in the 21st century,” she commented.  “It appears to be a form of censorship – and yet it was only started by a group of friends who have no connections to any political group or any kind of gay association.”
     Those who intend to go to Barcelona on November 7 say they will make a point of kissing their other halves in the Cathedral square just as Pope Benedict XVI walks out of the door.
     Spanish gays and lesbians have accused Facebook of censorship after an event being planned by the Queer Kissing Flashmob was removed from the social networking page.  The planned event is to get gay and lesbian couples to hold a ‘snog-in’ in front of the Pope during Benedict XVI’s visit to Barcelona Cathedral at 10am on November 7, as ‘a fight for sexual and affectionate rights, not from violence, but from passion, sensuality and love’.  The Facebook group had more than 1,500 people registered and 12,000 had been invited when the page was removed.
     The organisers, who are a group of friends who are not linked to any political group or organisation, have set up another Facebook page under the ‘Queer Kissing Flashmob’ name, which at the time of writing, remains in place.
     Here's the second Facebook group, which at this point has not been removed by Facebook.

     I agree with Ms. Carole that kissing is a form of protest.  I make a point of kissing SHE anytime anti-LGBT protesters cross our path. If they have the freedom to spout their hateful words at us, then I'm going to show them our love.

Tell Clarence Thomas to Apologize to Anita Hill

     This from Credo Action:
     It's been 20 years since Anita Hill courageously spoke truth to power and exposed Clarence Thomas as a stalker and a sexual harasser during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.
     And now Thomas' wife Virginia Thomas, a right-wing Tea Party advocate, in a move as brazen as it is offensive, has asked Anita Hill to apologize to her abuser. Hill said no. But I say it's long past time for Clarence Thomas to apologize to Anita Hill.
     Virginia Thomas' agenda in approaching Anita Hill with her outrageous request is unclear. But it's yet another example the Tea Party adherents brazen attempts to rewrite history and claim victimhood for the powerful even as they launch attack after attack on minority groups -- be they women, gays, African Americans, or immigrants.
     We shouldn't ignore this bizarre incident. We should accept Virginia Thomas' challenge and defend history as we know it.
     Join me in telling Clarence Thomas he should apologize.
     It's easy to do so at the link below.