Friday, November 5, 2010

NOM Lost More Elections Than It Won

     Despite anti-gay NOM's boasting and plans to funnel it's out-of-state dollars into the politics of New Hampshire and Minnesota, the Christian liars at NOM didn't do as well in the elections as they claim.

     NOM Exposed reports:
     While NOM made significant investments this cycle, its electoral win/loss record is decidedly mixed. In fact, NOM lost more races than it won. NOM endorsed at least 29 candidates. As of Wednesday afternoon, NOM had lost 19 of these races, won eight, and the remaining two (the Minnesota governor’s race and a New Hampshire statehouse candidate) were undecided. With the exception of a judicial election they hijacked in Iowa, NOM lost its most expensive and high-profile gambits in California and New Hampshire and all of its races in Maine and the District of Columbia. And it fought campaign finance laws all along the way.

Archbishop of Belgium: AIDS Is "Intrinsic Justice" for Gays; Elderly Priest Pedophiles Should Not Be Punished

     The head of the Catholic Church in Belgium has said that AIDS is “intrinsic justice” for homosexuality.  Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard also said that elderly priests found to have sexually abused children should not be punished.
     His spokesman Juergen Mettepenningen resigned over his boss’ remarks, AFP reports.
     Writing in a recently-released book on religious thought, Archbishop Leonard suggested that nature takes “vengeance” on those who “mistreat human love”.  He is also said to have called homosexuality a travesty of nature.
     Discussing HIV-positive people, he said: “When you mistreat the environment it ends up mistreating us in turn. And when you mistreat human love, perhaps it winds up taking vengeance.  All I’m saying is that sometimes there are consequences linked to our actions,” the archbishop said, saying of AIDS, “this epidemic is a sort of intrinsic justice.”
     At a press conference, Mr Mettepenningen said of his former boss: “Monsignor Leonard at times acts like a motorist driving on the wrong side of a freeway who thinks all the other motorists are wrong.”
     Archbishop Leonard also courted controversy with remarks on Catholic priests accused of paedophilia.  Speaking on television last week, he said such priests should be spared punishment, which he termed “a sort of vengeance”.