Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Response to Donald Trump's Racism and Disregard for the Dignity of Every Black American

     Baratunde Thurston's heartfelt response to the undying Gospel According to Hate and Racism that fueled the release of President Obama's birth certificate to Donald Trump's Tea Party.


Catherine said...

I can't believe a guy with a cheesy comb over did that to Barack Obama. If he wants to immigrate to Canada he can run for Prime Minister without the Birth Certificate.

What I find so disgusting about this situation, aside from the huge boil that is Donald Trump, is that the US, like Canada is peopled by immigrants. Immigrants built both our countries! I think that your constitution needs to be amended so hate crimes like the one that the birthers are trying to disguise as thoroughness can be prosecuted.


FDeF said...

If there is anything good to come from this charade of Donald's let it be his complete and utter downfall. He will live to regret he ever took on the issue. A very poignant video.