Monday, July 11, 2011

Dan Savage and Keith Olbermann Get to the Heart of the Hatred Involved in Religious Homophobia

     In the video below, Dan Savage and Keith Olbermann get to the heart of how religion conditions gay persons to hate themselves.  So much of what Savage says speaks true to my past experience of being trained to hate myself as "God created me." 

     An example of this is in an Advocate article by John Becker, a married gay man, who went undercover and experienced the "ex-gay therapy" offered at Michelle Bachmann's husband's "clinic."  So much of what they told Becker is what I was told in Catholic seminary "formation."  I'm so grateful that I escaped.

     Back to Savage and Olbermann.  Savage is brilliant at turning homophobic arguments on their heads.  (The first half of the interview is about the Tony-winning The Book Mormon and marriage equality in New York.)  Start the video at minute 11:00 to get the point about the homophobia preached by many religions, Christianity in particular.

Here's a little bonus video: "I Believe" from The Book of Mormon.


M.McShea said...

Great stuff! Watched both in entirety.

I guess I can say that I was exposed to that Broadway musical tradition on LPs in the 50s-60s from an older brother who would no doubt resent me from mentioning this, his - in the closet for thirty five odd years before he got around to mentioning it to me but I probably already subconsciously knew it - his instinctual life style realized in his own life, finally. Whatever.

I am going to hold onto those two thoughts of Dan Savage about "spiritual abuse" and "religious malpractice" for a while, think about it and possibly comment on same in some future blog.

Thank you for the two videos. A bit long - but well worth it in content - and very well balanced, the subject matters at hand, sexual equality and religious fervor, and in contemporary context.

ChurchPartner said...

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