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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Televangelist Infidelity; What These Christian Hypocrites Have in Common

     Daystar founder and Christian televangelist, Marcus Lamb, has been caught in adultery.  So, besides destroying the sanctity of marriage and wearing bad makeup, what does Lamb share in common with his unfaithful televangelist brethren? Here's Rachel Maddow to discern the signs of the times:

Here's Maddow's visual aid.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Justice Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed More than Anita Hill

     Huge breaking hypocrisy news out of Washington DC.  Lilian McEwen, former federal prosecutor and old girlfriend/mistress of divorced and remarried Conservative Catholic Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has broken her silence about Thomas' history of sexual harassment and obsession with porn.  Anita Hill wasn't his only victim.  Simply put: Thomas perjured himself during his confirmation hearings so that he could get on the bench.  He's a liar and a hypocrite.  How's that for family values?

     [McEwen] said Hill's long-ago description of Thomas's behavior resonated with her.  "He was obsessed with porn," she said of Thomas, who is now 63. "He would talk about what he had seen in magazines and films, if there was something worth noting."  McEwen added that she had no problem with Thomas's interests, although she found pornography to be "boring."
     According to McEwen, Thomas would also tell her about women he encountered at work. He was partial to women with large breasts, she said. In an instance at work, Thomas was so impressed that he asked one woman her bra size, McEwen recalled him telling her.
     Presented with some of McEwen's assertions, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Thomas was unavailable for comment.
     However bizarre they may seem, McEwen's recollections resemble accounts shared by other women that swirled around the Thomas confirmation.  Angela Wright, who in 1984 worked as public affairs director at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -- which polices sexual harassment claims -- during Thomas's long tenure as chairman, shared similar accounts with Senate investigators. Once, when walking into an EEOC seminar with Thomas, he asked her, "What size are your breasts?" according to the transcript of her Senate interview. Her story was corroborated by a former EEOC speechwriter, who told investigators that Wright had become increasingly uneasy around Thomas because of his comments about her appearance...
     Through the years, McEwen said, she has remained reasonably friendly with Thomas. On two or three occasions, she said, she brought friends to his Supreme Court chambers where they sat for long conversations.  But now, she says, "I know Clarence would not be happy with me."
     "I have no hostility toward him," McEwen said. "It is just that he has manufactured a different reality over time. That's the problem that he has."
     For more, see Consortium News.

     Also, here's the coverage Keith Olbermann did on Thursday about Justice Thomas' wife Virginia calling and leaving a voice mail at Anita Hill's office last weakened asking Hill to apologize to Thomas for what she did to him.  She also said she's praying for Hill.  How kind of her.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hypocrisy Poll Results: John, the Baptist, McCain's Name Change

     Should Senator John McCain, Baptist, be required to legally change his name, because he's no longer John McCain?

    Gotta love those American values that McCain holds dear to his heart.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Should John McCain Be Required to Legally Change his Name? Vote in the New Hypocrisy Poll

    Should Senator John McCain, Baptist, be required to legally change his name, because he's no longer John McCain?

  • Yes.  He's not the same principled maverick he used to be.

     Vote in the left hand column of the Holy Blog, but before you do, consider John McCain's recent hypocritical actions that indicate he is no longer the same person.

     Maybe it all started when he distanced himself from George Bush during the presidential election, after these delightful moments of intimacy.

          Or he's been infiltrated by an illegal alien, from Uranus.
      Maverick John McCain

      "I never considered myself a Maverick" John McCain.

      Wednesday, May 19, 2010

      Mark Souder's Interviewed about Abstinence Only Education by his Mistress Tracy Jackson, a Duet of Hypocrisy

           Representative Mark Souder, an Indiana Republican, who supports traditional values, like abstinence and traditional marriage, is falling hard.  He was caught in adultery with his part-time staffer, Tracy Jackson.  Lied about it, by saying he was missing votes in Washington, because he was at home caring for his sick wife.  What a great husband!  Right?

           Get this.  A few months ago, Souder made a video, in which he's interviewed about the traditional values that he supports, such as abstinence education, by Ms. Jackson, whom he was staffing at the time.  How's that for hypcrisy?

           TPM reports:
           Dubbed "Congressional Update with Congressman Mark Souder," the show hit on issues like intelligent design and fencing the border.  In the November 2009 abstinence video, Jackson introduces Souder this way: "You've been a longtime advocate for abstinence education and in 2006 you had your staff conduct a report entitled 'Abstinence and its Critics' which discredits many claims purveyed by those who oppose abstinence education."
           My favorite part is when Souder and Jackson talk about condoms.  You can sense the sexual tension between them.  The forbidden fruit of out-of-wedlock sex with god-forbidden artificial contraception was just too much to handle.

           At one point Souder goes off on the Democrats and critics of abstinence-only education saying "They blamed abstinence programs that they didn't have any experience in..."  Apparently, he didn't have any experience in abstinence either.

      Tuesday, May 18, 2010

      Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana, Traditional Marriage Proponent, Resigns Amid Sex with Staffer Scandal

           Representative Mark Souder, a Republican Protestant from Indiana and supporter of traditional marriage, who on his website claims to be "committed to fighting the assault on American values," just got caught with his dick in a staffer.  Adultery, anyone?

           TPM reports:
           Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), a champion of abstinence education and traditional family values, will resign effective Friday after an affair with a female staffer in his district office, he announced today.
           He said in a statement that he "sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff." And he blamed the atmosphere in Washington for forcing him to make the move:
           "In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain. I am resigning rather than to put my family through that painful, drawn-out process."  The eight-term Indiana congressman is, of course, a vocal proponent of traditional family values. He has been married since 1974 and has three grown children.
           You know that poisonous media environment in Washington that he's attacking?  It was FOX News that broke the story.

           Not only did Souder "sin" by committing adultery, but he lied for months during his current primary bid about the affair.  Is he going to apologize for lying, too?

           Elected as a family values conservative as part of the Republican revolution in 1994, Souder survived a tough re-election challenge in 2008 and survived a contested primary two weeks ago.
           All the way through his election, Souder tried to knock down the affair story, calling it revenge politics at play. But the backroom chatter in Indiana and among the GOP on Capitol Hill became too much to survive. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was informed as late as Monday night that Souder would give up his post.
           Souder, 59, was absent from Washington most of last week, missing multiple votes and voting only on Thursday. While the rumors had been flying, Souder claimed that he was at home tending to his ill wife.
           In his statement, he added that by stepping down, his "mistake cannot be used as a political football" to undermine the causes he supports.
           Sorry, buddy, but you sticking your dick in a staffer and covering it by using your wife by saying that she's ill and your nursing her, while telling me that I'm immoral and can't have equal rights with partner of two and a half years, screams kickoff

           You are a hypocrite and a liar. You think you have the authority to tell other people what is right and wrong, but you can't follow your own measly ten commandments.  Enjoy retirement.

           I believe that Congress must fight to uphold the traditional values that undergird the strength of our nation. The family plays a fundamental role in our society. Studies consistently demonstrate that it is best for a child to have a mother and father, and I am committed to preserving traditional marriage, the union of one man and one woman.
           Traditional marriage equals the union of one man, his supposedly ill wife, and his part-time staffer.  I'm sure your children feel that they are benefiting from this experience.

           Just in case you forgot what traditional marriage is, here's a quick lesson from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian.

      Thursday, April 15, 2010

      Tiger Wood's Nike Commercial Gets Christian Bale Overhaul

           The new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods and his back-from-the-dead father Earl Woods telling Tiger what he thinks of Tiger's sex scandal has been re-dubbed with Christian Bale's violent and inappropriate Terminator Salvation meltdown.  Strangely, it doesn't seem as out of place when placed over the "let's make money off of Tiger's adultery and mysterious addiction" Nike commercial.
           If you haven't heard the Bale rant before, it's full of F-bombs.  So don't click the video if you are easily offended.

      Thursday, April 8, 2010

      Cheating Father Earl Woods Returns from the Grave to Chastise Cheating Tiger Woods and Sell Nike Products

           There's nothing like a multinational company using a sex scandal and a dead man to sell tennis shoes. 

           Tiger Woods is back at the Masters this weekend, trying to regain his record-breaking momentum in the world of golf.  Thus far, I've remained quiet on the Woods' sex scandal, because he's an athlete and I never saw him as a religious/moral role model for people. 

           Woods is not one to wear his religion on his his face makeup, Tim-Tebow style.  Can you imagine Tiger thanking the Buddha for sinking that last put on eighteen that won the tournament?  American Christians would demand he be stripped of his stripes.  Maybe that's why he's had to go so far out of his way to publicly apologize: because he's not Christian.  Would the Christians demand such an apology and bloodletting from their own?  What if Tim Tebow was caught in a gay sex scandal or for aborting an illegitimate child?  Would born-again he face the same repeated public floggings that non-Christian Woods has endured?

           I don't view Woods' affairs and mysterious addiction--Is it sex, sleeping pills, painkillers, Twitter, In-N-Out burgers?--as an act of public hypocrisy.  He's a golfer, who for better or worse keeps his mouth closed concerning political issues.  He's never publicly condemned other adulterers (that I know of) while he was quietly sleeping around, like John Ensign and the Christian, Republican like, nor has he condemned others for covering up their sexual transgressions, while he was doing the same, as Pope Benedict and the Vatican have done.

           But, I cannot refrain from commenting on the commercialization of Woods' return to golf this weekend, and the way that he and Nike are exploiting the situation to make a buck, creating a commercial in which Tiger's deceased father addresses Tiger's sexual affairs and fall from golden-boy grace.

           "I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything," the elder Woods says as the golfer looks into the camera.
           Who knows how Earl Woods would have reacted to Tiger's infidelity crisis?  Apparently, Nike does.  He would want Nike to make a buck.

           Nike has shown how far a company will go.  Not only has Nike exploited third world laborers around the world to make a profit, but they have no qualms about robbing a grave in order to make a buck off of their star's infidelity. 

           Even more hypocritical is that Earl Woods' also was unfaithful to his wife.  Did Nike not consider that, when they put together this call for public penance from beyond the grave?  Maybe this makes Earl's line "Did you learn anything?" all the more powerful and honest, but we can't know what Earl learned from his affairs.  He's dead.

           Here are a few other responses.  The commercial is embedded below.      

           If Woods is feeling real, true shame -- not regret that he got caught, not regret that his golf game has suffered, but real sorrow over what he's done to his family -- then he might be able to fix the mess he's made of his life. But his shame is his; it shouldn't be used to sell golf shirts. What's next, a 30-second video clip of Elin yelling at him for forgetting to take out the trash?
           A lot of people were making a big deal out of Nike’s new Tiger Woods commercial. I didn’t want to watch it, mostly because Nike wanted me to. An editor suggested I take a look, so I did. Here it is. And all I can say is, I wish I could make money off my dead dad and the family’s philandering ways. Oh, wait, one other thing: Does the deceased Earl Woods have any social conscience questions about the factories in which Nike makes its sneakers?

      Wednesday, April 7, 2010

      John Ensign Will be Indicted

           The Los Vegas Sun reports that it's very likely that born-again Christian, member of the Family, and Republican Senator John Ensign, who called on President Clinton to resign after his blow job in the oval office, will be indicted on ethics charges involving his affair with "with his best friend’s wife, Cynthia Hampton, who had been Ensign’s campaign treasurer and whose husband, Doug Hampton, had been his Senate co-chief of staff," before paying them off, etc. etc.

           In the article entitled "Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign" the Sun reports the results of interviews with "more than a dozen friends, associates and Republican allies, some of whom have known Ensign for years," in which these Republican friends called him "tone-deaf," "borderline obtuse," "increasingly arrogant," "narcissistic," "reckless," "a detached, self-righteous figure," "oblivious to the collateral damage caused by his actions," "examples of Ensign's selfishness and arrogance are legion," "narcissism," "character defects," "he was an ass to his employees," "a showhorse, not a workhorse," "neither knowledgeable nor interested in the gritty details of policy or politics," and "uninformed."

           It seems that even in his hometown, Sin City, the hypocrisy of John Ensign is finally catching up with him.

      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

      Virgin Mary Appears on Los Angeles Bus

           Traffic was heavy.  I was late.  The approaching light was green, but the moron in front of me was braking!  I cursed.   The light changed: yellow.  The moron's brake lights: red.  I squeal to a stop, while the people in the next lane speed through the stale yellow light.  "They won't be late.  Bastards," I curse.  My thoughts spiral out of control.  My life is a mess.  I'm a tardy loser.  The meeting will start without me.  I'll be shunned.  I'll lose my self-confidence, my hope, and be a failure for the rest of my life. 

           Then, I see her, on the side of a Los Angeles city bus: the Virgin Mary.  An apparition!

           She has returned only for me, to let me know that all is well in the universe.   She has revealed herself that all may know the comedic power of hypocrisy, Catholic hospitals, adultery, and prescription drug addiction.
      Nurse Jackie, Goddess of Hypocrisy.

      The "Virgin" Jackie is the one hypocrite you can't help but worship for an hour a week.

      Nurse Jackie returns to Showtime on Monday, March 22nd at 10 PM. 

      Thursday, February 4, 2010

      St. Mel, Patron Saint of Hypocrites

           To cue the background music, click here.

           In an interview with WGN's Dean Richards, ultra conservative Catholic, adulterous director of The Passion of the Christ, sometimes drunk, antisemitic and homophobic, and always angry Mel Gibson paraded his true colors for all to see.  Some are calling Mel's latest revelation of character "The Most Entertaining Thing Mel Gibson Has Done in a While."

           Mel showed once again that he's a true hypocrite and incapable following his beloved "savior's" example of turning the other cheek.  Instead, Gibson made it clear that he's the one "banging in the nails."  Did he forget that while in rehab they took everything sharp away from him?

           Be sure to watch the entire one minute video clip embedded below.  Mel plays the martyr, saying that he did all the necessary mea culpas to make up for his past sins.  The true expression of his hypocrisy comes after he thinks he's off camera.  Who's the ass hole now, Saint Mel?

      P.S. Edge of Darkness flopped.  It was St. Mel's worst opening since remaking Maverick.

      Friday, January 29, 2010

      McCain Marriage on the Rocks?

            Perhaps John and Cindy McCain need to work on their communication.

           After President Obama's State of the Union address, Sen. John McCain immediately released this statement:

          In his State of the Union address, President Obama asked Congress to repeal the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. I am immensely proud of, and thankful for, every American who wears the uniform of our country, especially at a time of war, and I believe it would be a mistake to repeal the policy.
          This successful policy has been in effect for over fifteen years, and it is well understood and predominantly supported by our military at all levels. We have the best trained, best equipped, and most professional force in the history of our country, and the men and women in uniform are performing heroically in two wars. At a time when our Armed Forces are fighting and sacrificing on the battlefield, now is not the time to abandon the policy.
           First of all, there are people at all levels of the military who also oppose discrimination against homosexuals in the military.  Of course, they can't speak up about for fear of being labeled as gay and getting fired, even if they really are straight.  Government sanctioned witch hunts are so much fun, aren't they?  Secondly: "successful policy"?  Seriously?  Successful at what...destroying the careers of well-qualified Americans who are (to quote you, John the Senator) "fighting and sacrificing on the battlefield"?  Are you not also "immensely proud of, and thankful for, every American who wears the uniform of our country, especially at a time of war" even if they are gay or lesbian?  Apparently, not, you homophobic hypocrite!

           You mask your prejudice behind patriotism and sacrifice, but are conspicuously unable to name and face the victims of your "successful" policy: homosexuals.  Say it, John the Senator.  Come on.  Don't be afraid.  You just have to will your lips, tongue, and throat to do it.  I mean, you won't become one of us just by saying a little word.

           Here let me help you.  "Homo" as in Tony Romo, but with an H instead of an R.  Then, say "sex," you know, like what you and Cindy were doing, while you were still married to your first wife, who remained faithful to you all those years you were in captivity.  Then, say "oo" and "ah" as in...sorry, I just can't go there with you.  You know, forget it!

           Just rip the tape off Cindy's mouth and have her teach you.

      Wednesday, December 2, 2009

      The Family, Rick Warren, & Killing Gays in Uganda

           Here's an update on my previous posting concerning Rick Warren's involvement in the pending Ugandan bill that, if passed, will put certain homosexuals to death.  Kudos to the European Union for speaking out against this bill, yesterday.  Where does the US government stand?  The answer is behind Oz's curtain, manipulating in the shadows.

           News agencies are reporting that the conservative and secret-society funded Christian group of politicians known as "The Family" is involved in the promotion of Uganda's gay death penalty bill.  If you don't know who they are, the Family includes a group of conservative Christian politicians of both parties that dorm together in Washington, D.C. at the C Street House.  They are behind the National Prayer Breakfast, and they also vow secrecy to one another concerning the details of their sordid lives.

           The holy group is best known for their members, hypcrites Sen. John Ensign and Gov. Mark Sanford.  They of the words of condemnation and demands for the resignation of President Clinton during the fallout of his affair, but who remain in office months after their own sordid affairs were exposed in the press.  Ensign's affair involved illegal hiring practices, sexual harassment of an employee, and a $100,000 payoff from mommy and daddy to hush his oral mistress.  Sanford's affair involved going AWOL, abandoning his family and the state of South Carolina for days without contact in order to travel on state money to Argentina, where his mistress of many years lives (oh, and he had other affairs, too).

            The following news report from Rachel Maddow discusses the links between the Family and Uganda's gay death penalty bill with Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.  The bill will make it a crime in Uganda to not report a homosexual within twenty-four hours of discovering his sexuality and will require the death penalty for HIV positive men who have sex.

      Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

      Tuesday, December 1, 2009

      Nathan Halbach, Son of a Catholic Priest, Dies

      By their fruits you will know them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?  Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit.  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit.  Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.  So by their fruits you will know them. 
      -Attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (Mt 7:16-20)
           Just over a month ago, The New York Times published the article, "A Mother, a Sick Son and His Father, the Priest," about a young man, Nathan Halbach, with brain cancer who was speaking out for the first time (and bravely breaking the Catholic church's gag order) about being the abandoned son of still-practicing Catholic priest.  Here is the link to a two minute slide-show and verbal interview with Nathan and his mother, Pat Bond, that the Times published in October.  It's worth watching.

           On Friday November 27, Nathan died of cancer, without his biological father at his bedside.  So much for the "family values" that the Catholic church and its clergy are preaching to the nation in their current attempts to derail LGBT rights and women's reproductive rights.  But, don't worry, Nathan's biological father, Rev. Henry Willenborg, OFM,  was praying for him from afar, and I'm sure that meant so much to Nathan as his brain was being painfully eaten from within.

           Sexual abuse and exploitation in the Catholic church is not just of children, it is also of adults.  Nathan's mother Pat Bond's story of abuse started, like many stories of clergy abuse, including my own, a vulnerable and wounded person seeks help from their trusted and revered priest only to be taken advantage of by a disturbed individual, who is under the protection of powerful bishops.
           With three small children and her marriage in trouble, Pat Bond attended a spirituality retreat for Roman Catholic women in Illinois 26 years ago in hopes of finding support and comfort.What Ms. Bond found was a priest — a dynamic, handsome Franciscan friar in a brown robe — who was serving as the spiritual director for the retreat and agreed to begin counseling her on her marriage. One day, she said, as she was leaving the priest’s parlor, he pulled her aside for a passionate kiss.
          The sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy is horrendous and deserves the media attention and outrage that it's been getting, but lost in the cracks have been the stories of numerous adult women and men who have abused and exploited by priests.   The New York Times reports: "one study found  that 20% of American Catholic priests are involved in ongoing sexual relationships with women."  Nathan and his mother's story is just one example of how the church has tried to cover this up.

           After giving birth to Nathan, Fr. Willenborg abandoned Ms. Bond.  The Franciscans did their best to silence her and cover everything up:

           Ms. Bond’s case offers a rare look at how the church goes to great lengths to silence these women, to avoid large settlements and to keep the priests in active ministry. She has 23 years of documents, depositions, correspondence, receipts and photographs relating to her case, which she has kept in meticulous files.
            Those files reveal that the church was tightfisted with her as she tried to care for her son, particularly as his cancer treatments grew more costly. But they also show that Father Willenborg suffered virtually no punishment, continuing to serve in a variety of church posts.

            Willenborg was suspended with pay (only after last month's New York Times story was published) by Bishop Peter F. Christiansen of the Diocese of Superior.  Bishop Christiansen, in an interview by  Fox 21, said that he suspended Willenborg not because he exploited women and fathered a child (because that's "not criminal"), but only because of an allegation of Willenborg having sex with an underage girl.  Furthermore, Christiansen stated: "If Father Henry is proven to be tried and true, that he has taken care of some things in his life that go back twenty-three years ago, um, I'm willing to say, 'Okay, that was then this is now, come home.'"

           Has Bishop Christiansen learned nothing from the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church?  Willenborg has been living a duplicitous life for his entire priesthood and in his wake has left a series of wounded and scandalized people, and you, Bishop Christensen, would put him back into a parish where he is liable to abuse again?  Hypocrite!

           This is just another example of how the Catholic church is anti-women, and how the people in the pew support the system.  Many in the Catholic church have blamed the clergy sexual abuse of minors on sinful individuals (the whole church of sinners, but not a sinful church argument from Vatican II), but the truth is that many of the people in the pews want their abusive priests back.  They prefer the illusion of the vestment-wearing holy priest standing in persona Christi capitis and don't want to know (and thus don't give a fuck) about the children and adults that their revered clerics have abused.  As for Willenborg's congregation, the news report shows many parishioners saying they forgive their serial-womanizing and child-abandoning priest and want him back in their parish.  One of Willenborg's parishioners said: "We've all made mistakes.  Otherwise as the bishop said, 'We wouldn't need a savior.'"  Translation: it's okay for priests to abuse people, because god will forgive them.

           Conclusion: the complicit people in the pew are as much a part of the problem of abuse in the Catholic church, as are the deviant priests and bishops.

           Nathan Halbach's death is a tragedy.  The abandonment and abuse he and his mother endured at the hands of the holy Roman Catholic church is deplorable.  I can only hope that Mr. Halbach's bravery will make a difference in the life of others like himself, for that was his dying wish:
           Mr. Halbach said he knew there were other children like him who had been fathered and abandoned by priests, but it was such a taboo to talk about it that he wanted to give them a voice.
           Rest in peace, Nathan.  May your voice live on, never to be silenced.

      Nathan Being Baptized by his Father, Fr. Henry Willenborg
      Image Credit: Pat Bond

      Do not give what is holy to dogs, or throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces. 

      -Attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (Mt 7:6)

      Saturday, November 7, 2009

      More Reasons to Hate Traditional Marriage Laws: Adultery

           Give the people what they want!  Give them their traditional marriage law.  Let religious fundamentalists define and enforce the law.  Twenty-six of our nation's states have laws punishing adultery, and in four states adultery is a felony.  Why aren't the traditional marriage advocates going after those states that promote adultery by decriminalizing it?

           Our nation's civil marriage law was based on English Common Law (not the bible), which outlawed adultery, premarital sex (fornication), and sodomy. So, my traditional marriage supporting friends, let's go all the way.  Let's get adultery outlawed in all fifty states.  Let's outlaw premarital sex.  Let's make sure that the 38.2% of straight men who stick it in the 32.6% of women's asses, no longer deflower traditional marriage and sexual virtue, even within marriage.  (This does happen, as a certain Catholic in good standing, who shall remain nameless, told me that once her husband talked her into trying anal.  Of course, I'm the one who's Satan, gay atheist that I am.  But, I would never stick it in SHE's mangina.  That would be against Gay Natural Law.)

           If you are wondering what life in a nation that allows traditional marriage law to be enforced would be like, just move to Somalia.

           Last year in Somalia, traditional marriage law was enforced.  The BBC reported:
           A young woman recently stoned to death in Somalia first pleaded for her life, a witness has told the BBC. "Don't kill me, don't kill me," she said, according to the man who wanted to remain anonymous. A few minutes later, more than 50 men threw stones. Human rights group Amnesty International says the victim was a 13-year-old girl who had been raped. Numerous eye-witnesses say she was forced into a hole, buried up to her neck then pelted with stones until she died in front of more than 1,000 people.
           Yesterday, the BBC reported:
           Islamists in southern Somalia have stoned a man to death for adultery but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth. Abas Hussein Abdirahman, 33, was killed in front of a crowd of some 300 people in the port town of Merka. An official from the al-Shabab group said the woman would be killed after she has had her baby.
           "He was screaming and blood was pouring from his head during the stoning. After seven minutes he stopped moving," an eyewitness told the BBC.
           Moderate Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed accused the fundamentalist stoners of spoiling the image of Islam by killing people and harassing women:  "'Their actions have nothing to do with Islam,' said the moderate Islamist."

           But, they do!  Why is it that religious "moderates" are quick to blame fundamentalists' "craziness" whenever their common religious heritage is used to justify violence?  The root of the issue is the scriptures.  There is precedence for stoning adulterers in the scriptures of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, so don't be shocked when some of your followers choose to enforce that precedent.

           As far as I'm concerned, if you share those scriptures, you share the responsibility, just as those who supported the U.S. war on Iraq, share the responsibility for the estimated 100,000 civilian deaths of innocent Iraqis since the start of the war.  It's called social sin, according to the Catholic Church (unless, of course, it involves the Catholic Church; then, it's the fault of a few individually misled priests).

      Image Credit: