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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington, Public vs Private Sector, Salaries, Unions, Tax Cuts, Corporations, Greed, Religion, Hypocrisy, & the Republican Jesus Christ of the Upper Class: David Koch -- A Lament for Our Time

     Good Christian white rich men rejoice!  With heart and soul and voice!  If Calvin was right and the Prosperity Gospel is true, then you are on your way to heaven.  Only, you may not want to stay long as your Jesus will be hanging out with the poor people who's rights, benefits, and livelihoods you've crushed.  

     You say it's the middle class and public employees that are bankrupting America, especially those money-hoarding teachers, power-hungry nurses, and lazy road-construction workers.  You hypocrites!  You forget, that we are the poor souls are paying your salaries.

             So, why don't all of you Tea Party/Republican politicians put your money where your mouth is and lower your wages, benefits, and expense accounts to the average made by your fellow public workers?  In Wisconsin, you would drop to a salary of $50,774; in Michigan, $58,801; and in Washington, DC, $82,607 (which is only $457 more than DC's private sector workers.  Hmm.  I wonder if the immense cluster of elected public officials and their six-figure salaries have anything to do with DC leading the nation's average public-sector salary?).  Or better yet, you should all work for free.   When you each average nearly a million dollars in personal wealth, why should we be paying you?

             But the public money that the Scott Walkers and John Boeners of the world are being paid is peanuts compared to the billions their benevolent benefactors are making thanks to unprecedented tax cuts, courtesy of the political lobbying and campaign donations bought and paid for by multi-billionaire heir David Koch (Roman Catholic) and the like.  

             Mister Koch--Or shall we refer to you as "Master"?--you might want to catch up on the social ethics of your own precious Holy (Dysfunctional) Mother Church, who has supported the right of workers to join unions and collectively bargain, not to mention a just wages, universal healthcare, taxation of the rich, and service to the poor, alien, and ill.  Of course, Mother Church is still giving you and your Speaker Boehner communion, which makes her a hypocrite, as well.

             Oh, America, when did you become so ungrateful?  Oh, Middle Class, when did you become so ignorant, so easily duped?  When will you wake up and see that the problem is not that public workers are paid too much but that private workers, whose corporate overlords are stuffing their pockets via tax loopholes they've bought and secured with your votes, are paid too little!  You are fighting over the difference of a few thousand dollars, while the upper class of our nation, Wall Street thieves, and corporate hoarders are transferring wealth from the middle class to the upper 2% at unprecedented proportions.  The Forbes 400, the richest 400 individuals in the nation, have no amassed more wealth than a combined 155 million Americans.

             Yes, 0.0001% of the American public holds 50% of the nation's wealth.  Don't believe me, take it up with Forbes and simple math (although I had to get out my old scientific calculator to divide 400 by 310,964,000).  Trickle down economics--the warrior's cry of the Republican politicians of my youth--has shed it's grace on thee, upper 0.0001%.

             But still, the GOP wants to extend tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the poor and middle class.  This chart from the Center for American Progress says it all:

             If faced with such an immoral disparity, what would Jesus do?  

             Apparently, the Jesus of the United States of America would take back the loaves and fishes he'd given to the middle class of Wisconsin, shake the snow from his sandals, and walk across the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to Wichita so he could hand-feed David Koch.
             I've heard the middle and lower classes despairing on Facebook and in the streets, "What can we do?"  "We're helpless."  "We don't have the money to influence politicians like the corporations and billionaires do."  Well still have the votes, although the upper class is working pretty hard to take those away from us too.  We have the numbers.  It's time to STRIKE!  If every public employee in this nation stopped working for one or two days, the nation would come to a standstill.  And even David Koch couldn't save the upper class then.

             Postscript: In my years as a Catholic school student, seminarian, and priest, I never once heard a private sector/Catholic school teacher or parish employee, who was making between twenty and forty thousand dollars while trying to feed a natural-family-planning family of four or five children, ever say, "You know, I'm making just the right amount of money for what I do."  So, let's not blame the state for being too generous to school teachers, when it's the private sector who refuses pay its workers a just wage.

        Hug a teacher!

        Tuesday, September 21, 2010

        Maddow Exposes Hypocrisy of Republicans Taking Credit for Stimulus and Bailouts that Are Working

             Rachel Maddow exposes Republican politicians that are taking credit for the economic stimulus even though they voted against it and how Democrats are failing to get the word out that the stimulus worked.  

             Most incredible is Senator Bob Corker (TN), owner of a $2.4 million 10,000 square foot home, who voted against the car industry bailout but just lied to a crowd of booing auto workers whose jobs he argued to sacrifice that he worked to safe the industry.

        Sunday, September 12, 2010

        Democratic Presidencies Bring More Income Growth than Republican

             Here is something to consider when  voting in November, especially if like SHE and I you are scraping for dollars.

        Thursday, June 3, 2010

        Sarah Palin Blames Environmentalists for the BP Oil Spill

             Good Christian and real American Sarah Palin is full of sludge.  She now blames "extreme environmentalists" and "Extreme Greenies" for the BP oil spill, saying that it's their fault that BP had to drill in deep waters because the environmentalists have blocked drilling onshore in places like ANWR, and environmentalist are forcing oil companies to move their jobs to other countries where they can pollute the earth worse than they do here.  She posted her manifestos on Twitter and  Facebook (where the comments are frightening).

             The former half-term governor is also using Twitter to get her message out: "Extreme Greenies:see now why we push"drill,baby,drill"of known reserves&promising finds in safe onshore places like ANWR? Now do you get it?"
             There's nothing to get.  On Planet Sarah that tweet might make sense, but here on Earth, which is spewing the lifeblood of the 2008 Republican National Convention into the Gulf of Mexico at a unprecedented rate, "Drill, Baby, Drill"  and all Sarah's lies that offshore drilling was safe indicate a different truth: the Republicans are on the wrong side of history (again).  They are letting big oil lace their pockets to the detriment of the American people and future generations, chaining them to an early twentieth century technology rather than moving into the twenty-first century.

             The goal of environmentalists is not to outsource U.S. jobs but to create an entire army (to put it in Sister Sarah's Tea Party tongue) of new, green jobs that are both good for the American working class as well as for the environment, and the technology developed here can be used in other parts of the world to curb pollution there as well.  

             By the way Sarah, you and your oil drilling brood aren't about the wealth of middle class Americans.  BP stands for British Petroleum.  The billions of dollars of tax cuts you provide them are putting hardworking Americans' tax dollars (including those of the eleven people killed on the Deepwater Horizon) into British bank accounts.  You are a traitor to the American Revolution and the War of 1812. 

             Finally, there's just no credible way to recant on "Drill, Baby, Drill."  No matter how they spin it, Palin, McCain, Romney and the others can't pass the oil-laced buck on this one.  There are just too many sound bytes.

        Image from Politico.

        Tuesday, May 25, 2010

        Pastor Benny Hinn, Prosperity Gospel Preacher, to Divorce

             Pastor Benny Hinn, popular fundamentalist Christian televangelist, is getting a divorce.  Hinn preaches the prosperity gospel, that Jesus will heal your physical maladies and bless you with an economically rich life if you just trust god and give Benny all your money.  Apparently, the prosperity gospel is working so well for Benny that half of that money is now going to the Mrs.

             Suzanne Hinn filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1, citing irreconcilable differences, after more than 30 years of marriage. The papers note the two separated on Jan. 26 and that Hinn has been living in Dana Point, a wealthy coastal community in southern Orange County. 
             "Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice," Benny Hinn Ministries said Thursday in a statement. "Although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship, those efforts failed and were met with the petition for divorce that was filed without notice." 
             Hinn is one of the best known advocates of the prosperity gospel, which teaches that Christians who are right with God will be rewarded with wealth and health in this lifetime.  His TV broadcasts on the Trinity Broadcast Network, a Pentecostal broadcasting juggernaut, and other TV networks are seen by millions of people around the world nearly every day. He travels the globe in his ministry's plane, named Dove One, holding events he calls "Miracle Crusades" that include spiritual healings.
             Hinn has never fully publicly disclosed how he spends the money he raises, but his vast ministry is believed to be a multimillion-dollar operation. There was no mention of finances in the court filing, which listed three recent Southern California addresses for the family.
              Come on, Benny!  The truth will set you free.  Let go and let god!  It's time for some full disclosure of just how much money you've raised off the suffering masses, who have believed your lies.

        Monday, May 24, 2010

        Drill Baby Drill, Spill BP Spill, 34 Days of Clean-Up Hypocrisy

             After thirty-four days, the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico continues spewing oil as slicks coat the Gulf Coast.  Where are the chants of the Republican National Convention "Drill, baby, drill"?  Where does one drill in Sarah Palin's Real America?

             Here, Jon Stewart points out some of the numerous political hypocrisies in the ongoing environmental disaster the Gulf Coast is enjoying courtesy of BP.
        The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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             Here is Rachel Maddow's latest coverage of the environmental disaster care of BP, our government, and our culture's addiction to oil that is literally destroying our planet.  Maddow discusses whether BP's promise to clean up every last drop is even possible.

             Keith Olbermann covers the environmental hypocrisy of BP's use of dispersants that the United Kingdom outlawed ten years ago due to their toxicity.  BP continues using the dispersants, even after last week the EPA ordered an immediate end to their use.  He also calls President Obama to task, for not taking charge of the situation.

        Saturday, May 22, 2010

        Tell Exxon Mobil to Reenact Mobil's LGBT Employee Protections

        Mobil used to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees, and they extended benefits to domestic partners. When they merged with Exxon in the 90s, they stripped all those protections and benefits and told us to go pass a federal law.

        I just took action with GetEQUAL to demand ExxonMobil add sexual orientation and gender identity to their nondiscrimination policy. They'll deliver the signatures in person at a shareholder meeting in Dallas on May 26. Take action with me here:

        Friday, May 21, 2010

        Los Angeles' Boycott v. Arizona's Papers-Please Immigration Law Drama Update

        The battle over Arizona's papers-please immigration law continues. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has responded to Arizona's daring L.A. to live without power that comes from the paper-please state.

        L.A. v. Arizona: a Drama

        Arizona: Look out, people who look like Mexicans or terrorists, show us your papers or we'll deport you.

        The World:  WTF?

        Glenn Beck:  Aryanzona?  Palease!  The Nazis didn't ask people for their papers.

        The World:  WTF?

        John, the Baptist, McCain:  I blame President Obama and Democrats in Washington for the passage of Arizona's necessary law that I support the passage of, but may or may not personally support, but now I support the danged fence, but I'm not a racist, and furthermore, my Republican colleagues in the Senate and I will filibuster any attempt by the Democrats to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

        The World:  WTF?

        Los Angeles: Seriously, Arizona? We are so boycotting everything Arizona.

        AriZona Iced Tea:  We're f---ing based out of f---ing Long Island, f---ing New York.  FFF!

        Arizona: Oh you puny minded Angelenos, you get 25% of your power from us.  If you don't give that up, you're hypocrites! Your government is full of morons, who don't think things through.  Come on over, LA Board of Supervisors and Mayor Villaraigosa, and fight us like real men, and don't forget to bring your proof of insurance, passport, birth certificate, proof of English proficiency, and tea bags.

        Los Angeles: Correction, Arizona.  We get 20-25% of our power from two plants located in Arizona that we own.  So, who didn't think things through?

        Arizona:  Oh yeah? least the Suns beat the Lakers and evened the series.

        Los Angeles:  WTF?

        Here is the response that LADWP had for Arizona's "try living without 25% of your power" taunt.

        General Manager's Statement Regarding LADWP Power Generation Assets in Arizona
        "I want to make clear that we support the City position regarding the recent law enacted in Arizona and the resolution adopted by the Los Angeles City Council.
        On any given day, we receive 20 – 25% of our power from two power plants located in Arizona: Navajo, a coal-fired plant, and Palo Verde, a nuclear plant.
        We are part owner of both power plants, which are generating assets of the Department. As such, nothing in the City’s resolution is inconsistent with our continuing to receive power from those LADWP-owned assets.
        I might add that, as the City’s Job Czar, I certainly would welcome any conventions or meetings that were going to be held in Arizona to come to Los Angeles. We have fantastic facilities and incomparable weather and we’d welcome them to the City of Angels."
        - Austin Beutner, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
        All images in this post came from AriZona Iced Tea's website.

        Thursday, May 20, 2010

        Should John McCain Be Required to Legally Change his Name? Vote in the New Hypocrisy Poll

            Should Senator John McCain, Baptist, be required to legally change his name, because he's no longer John McCain?

        • Yes.  He's not the same principled maverick he used to be.

             Vote in the left hand column of the Holy Blog, but before you do, consider John McCain's recent hypocritical actions that indicate he is no longer the same person.

             Maybe it all started when he distanced himself from George Bush during the presidential election, after these delightful moments of intimacy.

                Or he's been infiltrated by an illegal alien, from Uranus.
            Maverick John McCain

            "I never considered myself a Maverick" John McCain.

            Wednesday, May 19, 2010

            Arizona vs. Los Angeles, Immigration Wars -- Papers, Please, and Your Electricity, Too

                 Last week, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted 13-1 to pull $8 million in contracts from Arizona and to boycott the state.  This was L.A.'s fighting response to Arizona's passage of the controversial papers-please law that critics say will lead to racial profiling in that state.  I couldn't have been more proud of my Angelenos.

                 Now, Arizona is fighting back and taunting.  The Washington Times reports:
                 The spat over Arizona's new immigration expanded Tuesday as a state official dared the city of Los Angeles to follow through on its new boycott by agreeing to give up the 25 percent of electricity that city gets from Arizona sources.
                 In a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce said a boycott war is bad for both sides, and said he would "be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements" to end the electricity flowing to Los Angeles.
                 "I am confident that Arizona's utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands," Mr. Pierce said. "If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona's economy."
                 I say bring on the rolling blackouts.  Let's show the folks from Arizona that racism and fear cannot and should not be legislated in the 21st century United States of America.

                 Who knows, maybe John McCain will call for a danged fence to be erected on the California-Arizona border in order to keep all the Angelenos out.

                 Let's hope the Lakers sweep the Suns.

            It's time to give up candy for Lent.

            Wednesday, May 12, 2010

            Pope Benedict in Portugal to Preach Economic and Sexual Morality...Seriously?

                 On Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI issued his "most direct words to date on abuse" while on a flight to Portugal.  He's not resigning.  There was no admit of personal participation, only more finger pointing, this time within the church.

                 What has been overlooked are some of the reasons why Pope Benedict went to Portugal in the first place. The New York Times reports:
                 The pope landed in Lisbon on Tuesday to begin a trip aimed at underscoring several themes of his papacy: the threat posed by secularism in Europe, the tension between faith and reason, and the role of ethics in economics.  Markets are jittery about Portugal’s prospects of bringing its debt and deficit under control. En route to Lisbon, Benedict told reporters that the financial crisis and the threat to the euro were opportunities to reintroduce a “moral dimension” to economics.
                 Pope Ben has no credibility when it comes to preaching a "moral dimension" to economics, after  both he and John Paul II allowed the serial pedophile rapist Father Marcial Maciel Degollado access to children, because Maciel's Legionaries of Christ, now worth an estimated $35 billion, were bringing in the cash.  Where's the moral dimension of that economic decision?  And what of the "moral dimension" of the church's economic decision to block any law that extends the statute of limitations for child-victims of rape, assault, and sexual abuse by priests?

                 Oh, but there's more.  The Times reports:
                 Benedict is also expected to emphasize the church’s stance on social issues. A largely Catholic country, Portugal legalized abortion in 2007 and its Socialist majority Parliament approved a bill to legalize same-sex marriage earlier this year, which the president of Portugal has not yet signed into law.

                  When it comes to sexual and economic morality, the Catholic church has historically shown that it is bankrupt.  It's time for the leaders of world's nations to quit giving credence and diplomatic immunity to Pope Benedict, a "divinely appointed" despot of a medieval, money-making, and  walled museum that claims to be a nation state.

            Wednesday, April 28, 2010

            Republicans Browbeat Goldman Sachs, Call for Wall Street Reform, but Filibuster Discussion of Senate Reform Bill for Third Straight Day: What Hypocrisy!

                 On Monday and Tuesday, every Republican senator voted "no" in votes to move forward with discussion of a Wall Street reform bill.  Another vote just concluded today and has again been filibustered by the Republicans.  Daily Kos reports
                 Update: Snowe, Corker, Brown (MA), Collins all early "no" votes. If Voinovich switches, he'll have to switch alone.
                 Update 2: Doesn't look like it's happening today. Ben Nelson just voted "no" again.
                 Update 3: That seals it for today. Voinovich is a "no."
                 Update 4: And Harry Reid just switched his vote to "no" so that he can bring the bill back up again tomorrow.
                 Update 5: Fail 56-42. Robert Byrd was not there to vote, hence the loss of one "aye" from the previous votes.
                 The Republicans claim to be on the side of the public, an overwhelming two-thirds of which supports stricter regulation of Wall Street (you know, about ten percentage points fewer than the number that supported the public option before lies of death-panels hit the air waves, courtesy of honest Christian Sarah Palin), but when it comes to actually implementing reform, Republicans are doing whatever they can to block any discussion.  If this isn't one of the clearest examples of blatant hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

                 Here's the report from last night's Rachel Maddow Show.  Note: one of the Republicans leading the charge to shame Goldman Sachs executives in the hearing, but then blocking discussion in the Senate of actual ways to reform the system is Senator John McCain, candidate for Hypocrite of the Decade.

                 Another candidate for Hypocrite of the Decade, Senator John Ensign, who is currently under investigation for ethics violations, browbeats a Goldman Sachs executive for his ethical violations.  Yikes.

            Friday, April 16, 2010

            The Top Ten Hateful Things Blamed on Homosexuals by Christians

                 In light of the numerous claims of powerful Catholics, both in and out of the Vatican, blaming homosexuals for the systematic child rape and cover-up in the Catholic Church, compiled "The 7 Craziest Things Ever Blamed on Homosexuals" in the name of hate.
                 In light of the Catholic church blaming homosexuals for the child rape they are committing, here are the 7 most inane, ridiculous and idiotic things that have been blamed on homosexuals. People in a position of power, including various world leaders and fundamentalist Christians, have been blaming the minority with the least amount of power in the state for a whole slew of insane problems that they were either responsible for or couldn't explain for a long time now. People don't seem to blame homosexuals for something unless they have an agenda to push, and that agenda is usually that of hate.
                 Ranker's seven include:
            1. Child Rape
            2. September 11, 2001
            3. Mass Murder
            4. Hurricane Katrina/Natural Phenomena
            5. The Economic Downturn in Post-World War I Germany
            6. Converting Children and Teens to be Gay
            7. AIDS
                 Click here for the full article.

                 I would add to these three to to the list:
            1. The Destruction of Heterosexual Marriage
            2. The Deaths of U.S. Soldiers Overseas
            3. The Mythical, Biblical Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
                 Can you think of other insane things that religious folk have blamed on gays? 

                 Please list them in the comments below.

            Monday, December 14, 2009

            The Myth of Republican Fiscal Responsibility

                 "Democrats spend too much."  How many times have you heard that complaint from the Right

                 We can't join the rest of the world's industrialized nations (including Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka) and provide health care for all our nation's citizens, but we can bail out Wall Street to be sure that corrupt executives keep getting their exorbitant salaries.  We can keep fighting George W. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have cost our nation upwards of $943,000,000,000 and still rising.

                 There is a grand fiscal myth in American politics, as this chart illustrates:
                 Yes, that's right: under Democrat Bill Clinton the United States had its biggest budget surplus in the past fifty years.  And who ran up the three biggest budget deficits?  You guessed it: the last three Republican presidents: Reagan, Bush, and W. Bush.  So, why do the Right Wing attack dogs think they can preach to Democrats about spending and fiscal responsibility? 

                 The Republican dogma of Democratic fiscal irresponsibility is a myth.  Those who preach it are hypocrites.

                 One of the biggest hypocrites of the lot, one of the Senators who is leading the charge to derail a public option in the healthcare reform bill is Connecticut (health insurance capitol of the nation) Senator Joe Lieberman (Democrat, Independent, Hypocrite).  After taking a more than $3 million dollars combined from the health care and health insurance lobbies, it is in Lieberman's best interest to kill health care reform.  It's not in the nation's best interest and the 77% of Americans that want a public option.

                 It's time to confront the myth that Republicans have the monopoly on fiscal responsibility.  The truth is that future generations of Americans will be paying off both Daddy Bush and Sonny Bush's wars, while the United States continues to lag behind in health care services.  We're 23rd in infant mortality, 20th in life expectancy for women, 21st for men, and 67th in immunizations right behind Botswana.