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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Is Pat Robertson Still on TV?

It's time for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to follow EWTN's lead and "fire" one of its long-standing television personalities, who has lost his grip on reality.

Pat Robertson once again shows that he has no compassion for women and non-Christians.  He also displays his lack of respect for the institution of marriage, by condoning domestic violence.  His words are reprehensible.

In the video below, a viewer asks Robinson for advice on dealing with his wife, who "has become a real problem" and has "no respect" for him "as the head of the house."  Robinson's response is for her to move to Saudi Arabia so he can beat his wife.

Here's the video:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

For Harold Camping...


     The world didn't end and guess who's millions of tax-exempt dollars richer? 

     CNN reports:
     At the center of it all, Camping's organization, Family Radio, is perfectly happy to take your money -- and in fact, received $80 million in contributions between 2005 and 2009. Camping founded Family Radio, a nonprofit Christian radio network based in Oakland, Calif. with about 65 stations across the country, in 1958.

Monday, May 2, 2011

While America Rejoices in the Death of Osama bin Laden...

     "Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."* 

--Martin Luther King, Jr.
*See Correction

     If only we as a nation could show that kind of intelligence and control.  Instead, the likes of preacher-turned-politician-turned-FOX-personality-turned-politician Mike Huckabee continue the jihad of hatred by welcoming Osama bin Laden to hell.  

     What happened to "love your enemies and pray for your persecutors"?  

     Along with usury, caring for the poor, protecting children, and reaching out to those on the margins, many Christians in the U.S.A. have forgotten their scriptures.  The hatred spewing forth across the nation under the guise of celebration will only breed more hatred for the truly ugly American.

     Am I relieved the world is free of one more religious fundamentalist determined to kill in the name of his god?  Yes.

     But will I rejoice and boast?  This atheist will not.

     Get some class, America.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell Blasts FOX's Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck for Their "Concerns" about Japan

     Here's Lawrence O'Donnell's reaction to Bill O'Reilly's claims that the news media is falsely "hyping" the tragedy in Japan, while O'Reilly's FOX compatriot Glenn Beck invokes Revelation, "these days," and the end of the world as we know it.  Beck's god "may or may not be" punishing Japan with the earthquake/tsunami and "may or may not be" coming to eradicate the human race.  O'Donnell blasts Beck's fear-driven eschatology and hate-based theology.  How refreshing to see reason over religion on the news!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Gay Christian Fundamentalist Rev. Grant Storms Arrested for Masturbating in Public Park while Watching Children

     Hypocrisy alert: Rev. Grant Storms, another outspoken, hate-spewing, anti-gay Christian cleric, goes down in a sex scandal involving children.  

     The Rev. Grant Storms, a Christian fundamentalist best known for his bullhorn protests of the Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter, was arrested for allegedly masturbating at a Metairie park Friday afternoon...Storms told deputies that he was merely having lunch at Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd., in his van when he decided to relieve himself using a bottle instead of using the restroom, an incident report said.
     But two witnesses said they saw Storms through the open windows of his van masturbating himself while watching children on the playground, the report said.
     Armed with bullhorns, Bibles and picket signs, Storms and a group of followers in 2003 protested against Southern Decadence, the gay three-day festival held over Labor Day weekend in the French Quarter. Storms' efforts prompted the New Orleans City Council to ban megaphones and other amplification devices.
     And we gays are the ones they're calling pedophiles.

Rev. Storms, Masturbator,
and Possible Pedophile

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Highlights" for Adults: the Tea Partier and the Taliban

     Here's a simple exercise reminiscent of the ones I completed in Highlights as a child, but this one is for adults.  What happens when a tea partier and a Taliban run into each other?

     Via BuzzFeed:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glenn Beck's Hateful Anti-Christ Theology, Bill O'Reilly's Tide Argument, FOX "News" or the Church of Rupert Murdoch?: a "Scientific" Explanation

     Here's Rachel Maddow's report on Glenn Beck's "reporting" about the connection between President Obama, the "antichrist," and the "end times."  Even ten years ago, this religious nonsense would have been laughed off as crazy by reputable news organizations, but now it's broadcast as "news."  If you don't think they're effective, you might be shocked to discover in the embedded report that 35% of the people polled in New Jersey--not Mississippi, Idaho, Arizona or Texas, but politically diverse New Jersey--think that Obama is either the "antichrist" or don't know whether or not he is.

     What Glenn Beck and FOX are doing is not reporting.  As I listened to him, I recognized his method; I learned to structure such a presentation in seminary, in my homiletics classes.  Beck  is preaching--admittedly poorly--the religious xenophobia of fundamentalist Christians.  FOX is not a news organization, but a church.  (Let's just hope Holy Father Rupert doesn't realize this and apply for religious tax exemption.)

     In other FOX "News"/Gospel preaching, Bill O'Reilly has been arguing for the existence of his god based on what he claims is humanity's inability to explain the rise and fall of the tides and the origin of the moon and the sun.  The Huffington Post reports:
     In a video for Premium Members of his website, Bill O'Reilly doubled down on his statement that the existence of the tides is definitive evidence that God exists.  
     The Fox News host took a lot of heat for claiming that science cannot explain why the tides occur in such a regular fashion when in fact the tides are the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun and the rotation of the Earth.
     O'Reilly remains unimpressed:
     'Okay, how did the moon get there? How'd the moon get there? Look, you pinheads who attacked me for this, you guys are just desperate. How'd the moon get there? How'd the sun get there? How'd it get there? Can you explain that to me? How come we have that and Mars doesn't have it? Venus doesn't have it. How come? Why not? How'd it get here?'
     In fact, prevailing scientific theory is that the moon formed as the result of a massive impact with Earth; Mars has two moons; etc, etc. 
     And those who continuously say, "See it's just a scientific 'theory'!" need to learn the actual scientific meaning of the term before projecting their colloquial usage.  A scientific theory is a proven scientific hypothesis.  (We should have learned this in middle school science class or even sooner.)

     There's a great explanation of this middle-school wisdom on  Here's a clip:
     A theory is what one or more hypotheses become once they have been verified and accepted to be true. A theory is an explanation of a set of related observations or events based upon proven hypotheses and verified multiple times by detached groups of researchers. Unfortunately, even some scientists often use the term "theory" in a more colloquial sense, when they really mean to say "hypothesis." That makes its true meaning in science even more confusing to the general public. In general, both a scientific theory and a scientific law are accepted to be true by the scientific community as a whole.
     Here's the equation of the day.  Don't worry, it's easier to comprehend than E = mc2.

     Scientific Ignorance + Religious Fundamentalism = FOX "News" Hypotheses about the Tides, the Moon, and President "antichrist" Obama

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rachel Maddow Interviews David Bahati, Author of Uganda's Kill-the-Gays Bill

     Here's some background on the scientifically-debunked myths still being spun by fundamentalist and Catholic Christians concerning homosexuality:

     Bahati claims to "love" gays, but believes they should be put to death. He goes on to say: "I want to be sure that this law is consistent with god's law."

     Here's part two of Maddow's Bahati interview.   Bahati: "I'm not involved in a hate campaign."  But, he believes that gays should be put to death, because the Bible says, "The wages of sin is death."  He also says that a certain Jewish carpenter agrees.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kentucky Tax Dollars to be Used for Building of Fundamentalist Christian Theme Park Based on Genesis; Noah's Park

You can't make this stuff up:

Another Televangelist Infidelity; What These Christian Hypocrites Have in Common

     Daystar founder and Christian televangelist, Marcus Lamb, has been caught in adultery.  So, besides destroying the sanctity of marriage and wearing bad makeup, what does Lamb share in common with his unfaithful televangelist brethren? Here's Rachel Maddow to discern the signs of the times:

Here's Maddow's visual aid.

Friday, November 5, 2010

NOM Lost More Elections Than It Won

     Despite anti-gay NOM's boasting and plans to funnel it's out-of-state dollars into the politics of New Hampshire and Minnesota, the Christian liars at NOM didn't do as well in the elections as they claim.

     NOM Exposed reports:
     While NOM made significant investments this cycle, its electoral win/loss record is decidedly mixed. In fact, NOM lost more races than it won. NOM endorsed at least 29 candidates. As of Wednesday afternoon, NOM had lost 19 of these races, won eight, and the remaining two (the Minnesota governor’s race and a New Hampshire statehouse candidate) were undecided. With the exception of a judicial election they hijacked in Iowa, NOM lost its most expensive and high-profile gambits in California and New Hampshire and all of its races in Maine and the District of Columbia. And it fought campaign finance laws all along the way.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christian Janet Porter's Ignorant and Insane Prayer for Jesus to Control the U.S. Government

     As if the majority of persons serving in government positions in the United States aren't already Christian.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mormons, Catholics, & Fundamentalist Christians in the Crowded Marriage Bed

     Mormons, Catholics, and Fundamentalist Christians continue their unholy alliance to block and/or strip same-sex couples of their civil marriage and/or domestic partnership rights.  Their cooperation continues to baffle me as for centuries these groups have disdained one another.  They have conflicting theologies that indicate they don't even believe that they're all going to the same place after they die.

     In the videos embedded below, the President of the Church of Latter Day Saints "spake" to the Mormon General Council about the "wickedness" and "Satan's [inaudible] substitute and counterfeits for marriage," meaning civil same-sex marriages.  He traces his authority from Jesus to St. Peter to Joseph Smith and then through an unbroken line Mormon male elders that have the "power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases" and to tell everyone else how to live their lives.   Mormons believe that the "priesthood keys of authority" were restored by Joseph Smith after nearly two millennia of Catholic and Protestant failure known as the "dark centuries of apostasy."  But when it comes to opposing civil same-sex marriage rights, those apostates make great bedfellows.

     One of those apostate bedfellows, the Catholic Church, has a different explanation for its divine authority.   The Catholic Church believes the myth that the authority/keys of Peter have been passed in an unbroken line from pope to pope and that the true church of Jesus Christ "subsists" in the Catholic Church.  Mormons are the apostates.

     The other bedfellow, the Fundamentalist Christians, think the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and Mormons are morons.  For fundies, authority comes directly from Jesus to each individual believer through the Bible.  But, don't go getting ideas different from your fundamentalist preacher, or you'll be shunned as ignorant, willful, and heretical.  BTW, for these true Christians, the ones who historically have been hated the most are Jews, Catholics, Mormon, and Muslims.  Fundamentalist Christians used to denounce black Christians because they supposedly didn't have souls (Mormons also believed in the "Curse of Cain").  Today, homosexuals trump all these evil-other groups.  Fundamentalists are sleeping with anyone who will vote against the gays. 

     If Mormons, Catholics, and Fundamentalists Christians believe in the same concept of marriage, then surely they must believe in the same concept of becoming Christian.

     Most Catholics see Mormonism as an adolescent religion that is based on the psychotic breaks or drug-induced visions of young boy who believed special underwear would keep him safe from harm.  Mormons aren't Christians.  Ten years ago, when I was in Catholic seminary, one of the common slippery-slope arguments used against giving same-sex couples even domestic partnership rights was that then we'll have to give polygamist Mormons the same and before we know it the gays will have paved the way for the legaliszation of polygamy.  The Mormons were the enemy.

     Fundamentalist Christians think both Mormons and Catholics are full of sin and going to hell because they haven't "accepted Jesus as their personal savior."  They re-baptize Catholic and Mormon converts.  In some circumstances, they even re-baptize other Fundamentalist Christians from slightly different one-true-churches.  

     But they all agree on marriage.  Right?

     Not exactly.

     Mormons believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, unless you were Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, in whose case marriage is between one man and thirty three females, including girls as young as 14 and 15.  Mormon marriage was between one man and multiple women and girls until it was necessary to ban polygamy in 1890 so that Utah could become a state in 1896.  So for Mormons, marriage is a never-changing institution, unless throwing out the beliefs of your religion's founder favors the political relevance and aspirations of the current church leadership.

     Catholics believe that marriage is between one baptized Christian man and one baptized Christian woman, who may or may not have been previously married.  If they were previously married and their previous spouse(s) is not dead then they have to go through the annulment process, in which those previous marriages are declared invalid, meaning they never really took place even though there might have been hundreds of witnesses and a priest who signed off on the wedding.  But if the previous marriage(s) was in the Catholic Church, it took place after the couple swore that they were entering the marriage of their own free will and that they would have children and raise them Catholic, and they got married in a physical Catholic church/building, unless they got the proper dispensations.  Catholic marriage does not include marriage between one baptized Catholic and one non-Christian.  These marriages are allowed to take place with a dispensation by the local bishop, but they are not sacramental marriages, they are civil marriages.  Which is an interesting distinction that Catholics pretend doesn't exist when they are arguing against same-sex civil marriages.  And by the way, if you were married in the Catholic Church before 1983, when the Code of Canon Law was revised, you couldn't marry your second cousin, but today you can.  So much for the never-changing institution of marriage.

     For Christian Fundamentalists, there are no annulments.  So if your spouse beats, tortures, and rapes you, you are stuck, unless you can prove that your abusive spouse commit adultery.  If you get a non-adultery-induced divorce and get remarried to a really nice person, who doesn't beat/torture/rape you, then you are going to hell.  Of course, you also must marry within your own sub-denomination of Christianity; if you don't you are disfellowshiped (i.e. excommunicated--a value which all these churches share) and are shunned from the community and your family.  Oh, and all of this is determined by the whim of your local pastor, who may or may not answer to a higher human authority, but has a direct line to the mind of god.

     So, while all of these (pseudo-)Christians have different tenants for what defines a marriage, they agree that marriage is a never-changing, sacred/sacramental, infinite bond between just one man and one woman, unless any of the above exceptions apply.
     The Mormon, Catholic, Fundamentalist Christian theological orgy must be kept out of the civil marriage bed.  


     This is the "logic" undergirding Mormon opposition to civil same-sex marriage.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bishop, Hypocrite, and Predator: Homophobic Eddie Long, the Sex Scandal Continues

     Remember, all of this was said while he was sucking off sixteen-year-old boys, who he prayed upon because they came from fatherless households. He had them call him "Daddy."  Praise Abba, God [sic] the Father [sick]!

     And yes, he does say that homosexuals "deserve death."

     "It is the most unattractive thing I have ever seen, when I see women wearing uniforms that men would wear, and women fighting to get in the military!" Long shouted to his congregation then. "The woman gets perverted to turn towards woman … and everybody knows it's dangerous to enter an exit! And everybody knows, lady, if you go to the store and buy these devices [marital aids], it's Memorex! It ain't real!"
     The audience, seated in a congested sanctuary, erupts in laughter. But what Long says next is no joke.
     "God says you deserve death!"
     Long's message is: Hate the sin and the sinner. It's a popular message. His congregation now tops 25,000.
     And Americans wonder where children get the idea to bully other kids who appear to be gay.  All praise, glory, and credit be given to the Gospel According to Hate!

     Postscript:  I wonder if he still supports the death penalty.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long's Sexual Abuse Victims Speak Out: Long's "Fresh Sperm" Job Description

     A couple of Bishop Eddie Long's alleged victims, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrand, spoke to the press about how Long grooms, controls, and sexually exploits boys.  Long uses scripture, money, gifts, jewelry, and trips to seduce fatherless boys in their mid-teens.  When they reach sixteen, the age of "consent" in Georgia, Long has sex with the boys.  After a few years, he dumps them for a younger fresher version and repeats the cycle of abuse again.

     Here are links to the allegations of the one, two, three, and four different lawsuits filed against Long.

     Here are a few quotes from the FOX 5 interview.  These are Jamal Parris' words.  This first quote is classic PTSD for a sexual abuse victim.  I know, because I have had similar experiences.
     I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head.  And I cannot forget the smell of his cologne.  And I cannot forget the way that he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off my body.
     Jamal had this to say to Long:
     That man cannot look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain.  While you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it, you can't say that to our face.  And you know this.  You are not a man.  You are a monster.
     The Jamal Parris interview, part one:

     The Jamal Parris interview, part two:

     Here is the Spencer LeGrand interview.  He gives no details of the lawsuit, but says that he is relieved to be living the truth and is praying for the bishop, who knows the truth.

     Here is Eddie Long fundraising for his sexual seductions of boys in the name of tithing to his god.

     Here is Eddie Long using an unfortunate metaphor: the word of god is like sperm.  So guess what the preacher's job is?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minnesota Catholic Anti-Gay DVD Update: Evangelicals Love It; Catholic Artists Hate It

     Usually Evangelical Christians claim that Catholics aren't Christian, because they haven't "accepted Jesus  as their personal savior."  Catholic baptism is not enough.

    But a new age in ecumenism has dawned!  Same-sex marriage is bringing disparate denominations together in Jesus Christ.   The Evangelical Christian leaders of the Minnesota Family Council have thrown their support behind Catholic Archbishop Neinstedt's DVD-attack on gay rights.

     The Minnesota Independent reports (my comments are interspersed):
     The Minnesota Family Council called in a cadre of evangelical pastors on Monday to express support for Catholic Archbishop John Neinstedt’s campaign for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Minnesota and condemned those working toward marriage equality for same-sex couples. Pastor Jim Anderson of Hasting said that same-sex intercourse is “against nature and wrong,” adding that the “body parts don’t fit,” while Steve Goold of New Hope Church said that marriage is important because it tames men from their “passions” and protects women from being exploited by men.
     WTF?  How was exchanging women as property in "traditional marriage" for millennia not exploitation of women by men?  And, Pastor Jim, I'm sorry to tell you, but it is possible for a husband to rape his wife.  Go work in a domestic violence shelter for a few months.
     Anderson spoke of the importance of opposite-sex marriage saying it’s best for children and that same-sex marriage is “dangerous.” “Same-sex marriage is incapable of benefiting society in any of these ways,” he said. “There is a strong and documented case can be made for society being harmed by too much same-sex marriage.”  
      Actually this case can't be made.  These homophobic lies didn't hold up in a federal court of scientific proof and law.  In the states where same-sex marriage is legal, there's no proof of any of these claims.

     He spoke of same-sex intercourse and body parts. “Compassion and love for our homosexual neighbor does not allow us to remain silent concerning the disproportionately high rate of measurable harm that attends same-sex relationships,” he said. “That is why we believe that reasonable persons know that same-sex intercourse is against nature and wrong. The body parts do not fit. We are talking her about material structures of the male female body.”
     These pastors keep claiming that "the body parts don't fit," meaning the penis and the anus.  However, men and women have been taking it up the butt since the beginning of time.  Trust me.  The parts fit.  

     But how many women were unable to take their husband's erect penis up their vagina on their "wedding night" because it was too painful?  There's no barrier in the anus that must be violently ripped through in order for intercourse to take place.  What was the Christian "god of nature" thinking?

     (The 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, a project of the Centers for Disease Control found that “40 percent of males ages 25–44 have had anal sex with a female, and 35 percent of females of this age have had anal sex with a male” without harmful effects.)

     While the Catholic bishops are accepting the kudos of their frenemies, they are going after one of their own: artist in resident at the Basilica of St. Mary's.  The Minnesota Independent reports:
     An artist who had planned to create a sculpture from DVDs send out by Minnesota’s Catholic bishops said she was suspended from her position as the Basilica of St. Mary’s artist in residence. Lucinda Nayor’s project will take anti-gay marriage DVDs sent out to Catholics in advance of the November election and create a message of “creativity and hope.” While Naylor faces a setback at the basilica, she got a boost on Monday when other groups including one called Return The DVD, joined up with her project.
    Here are the bigoted pastors at work:

     Once again, this is tautology at work.  "If we say it enough, it's true."  This good Christian is a liar:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Gets Hit with Fourth Sexual Abuse Lawsuit, Ted Haggard to the Rescue

     A fourth alleged victim has pressed charges against anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

     [Long's] latest accuser, Spencer LeGrande, claims he was 17 when he began a sexual relationship with Long while accompanying the bishop on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya. LeGrande, of Charlotte, N.C., alleges in a civil suit filed Friday in DeKalb County that Long gave him an Ambien, a popular prescription sleep aid, followed by a "prolonged hug," kissing and rubbing, according to the suit.  The suit claims the two shared a bed for the remainder of their trip...
     In the latest suit, Bernstein [LeGrande' lawyer] alleges Long "uses monetary funds from the accounts of New Birth and other corporate and non-profit corporate accounts to entice the young men with cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics."
     Spencer LeGrande was 15 when he met Long, the suit alleges. LeGrande and his mother were among the founding members of Long's satellite church in Charlotte, N.C., Bernstein told the AJC.  Their first meeting was an emotional one, according to the suit. LeGrande, moved by one of Long's sermons, approached the pastor and began to cry. Long hugged the 15-year-old, assuring him, "I got you" ... "I will be your dad," the suit states. Soon after they began talking regularly by phone.
     Long is still denying all the charges and refusing to step down.

     In the video below, Anderson Cooper focuses on the anti-gay teachings of Bishop Eddie Long and the sex scandal that's engulfed Long.  Then, Cooper interviews Ted Haggard, who defends Long, and Pastor Troy Sanders from Soulforce.  The video interview devolves into an argument between Cooper and Sanders.  Best line by Sanders: "It didn't take a scandal for me to come out and walk in truth."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anti-Gay, Opposite-Sex-Married, Baptist Bishop Eddie Long Goes Down in Homo-Sex Scandal

     Another anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian minister is going down in a gay sex scandal.  Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, who once said that "homosexuality is a spiritual abortion," is currently facing three lawsuits from former church members/employees who claim Long forced them into sexual acts.

     A lawsuit filed Wednesday by Jamal Parris, 23, a former member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, claims Long made Parrish call him “Daddy” and coerced him into sexual acts...
     The suit, similar to two filed on Tuesday, accuses Long of using his power to force the plaintiff into a sexual relationship. In exchange, Long placed Parris and the two other men on the church’s payroll, bought them cars and other gifts, and took them on lavish trips, according to the suits filed in DeKalb County Superior Court. Long adamantly denies the allegations...
     Parris' allegations are similar to claims made by Anthony Flagg, 21, and Maurice Robinson, 20, who filed suits Tuesday.   Robinson and Flagg say Long began having inappropriate relations with them when they were 16. They are seeking a trial by jury and unspecified damages...
     “It is unfortunate that these young men have chosen to take this course of action,” Long's attorney, Craig Gillen, told the AJC Tuesday night...
      Bernstein claims Long abused his pastoral relationship with the men and convinced them that the sexual relationships were a “healthy component of [their] spiritual lives.”   
     The sex acts occurred when the men were 16, which is the legal age of consent in Georgia, Bernstein said. But Bernstein said some of the acts which occurred at hotels in other states could be considered criminal, which is why she contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bernstein said.
     Just a few things:  Sex with one's employees is a form of sexual exploitation and/or sexual harassment.  The media's use of "inappropriate relations" sounds more like consensual sex between two adults, than a bishop preying off the trust and confusion of sixteen-year-old boys under his power.  That is the work of a repeat-offending predator and ephebophile.   It is abuse.  Best wishes to the U.S. Attorney's Office on their investigation into Long's abusing these boys over state lines.

     And how is it "unfortunate" that these young men have sued?  It's unfortunate for Long's facade, yet, but it's very fortunate for the other confused, vulnerable boys of his congregation.

    Speaking of clichés, formerly-gay Pastor Ted Haggard rushed to Long's defense saying "Nobody's guilty until the court says he's guilty."  In a court of law, yes.  But with three possible victims speaking up, it's likely that there will be more.  And the pictures of Eddie Long (embedded above) in this post were sent to to one of Long's alleged victims.  How many straight, married, conservative, anti-gay bishops send muscle-shirt photos to the barely legal boys of their congregations?

     For a few more viewpoints on the Long accusations, check out:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There Already Was a Mosque at Ground Zero: Before 9/11

     In all the hatred and wrath being spewed about the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" an incredible fact has been omitted: there was already a mosque at Ground Zero.  Before 9/11.  On the 17th floor of the south tower.  It was destroyed.  Some of its Muslim faithful were killed.

     Given the vitriolic opposition now to the proposal to build a Muslim community center two blocks from ground zero, one might say something else has been destroyed: the realization that Muslim people and the Muslim religion were part of the life of the World Trade Center.
     Opponents of the Park51 project say the presence of a Muslim center dishonors the victims of the Islamic extremists who flew two jets into the towers. Yet not only were Muslims peacefully worshiping in the twin towers long before the attacks, but even after the 1993 bombing of one tower by a Muslim radical, Ramzi Yousef, their religious observance generated no opposition
     “We weren’t aliens,” Mr. Abdus-Salaam, 60, said in a telephone interview from Florida, where he moved in retirement. “We had a foothold there. You’d walk into the elevator in the morning and say, ‘Salaam aleikum,’ to one construction worker and five more guys in suits would answer, ‘Aleikum salaam.’ ”
     “It is a shame, shame, shame,” Mr. Mamdouh, 49, said of the Parc51 dispute. “Sometimes I wake up and think, this is not what I came to America for. I came here to build this country together. People are using this issue for their own agenda. It’s designed to keep the hate going.