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Monday, May 2, 2011

While America Rejoices in the Death of Osama bin Laden...

     "Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."* 

--Martin Luther King, Jr.
*See Correction

     If only we as a nation could show that kind of intelligence and control.  Instead, the likes of preacher-turned-politician-turned-FOX-personality-turned-politician Mike Huckabee continue the jihad of hatred by welcoming Osama bin Laden to hell.  

     What happened to "love your enemies and pray for your persecutors"?  

     Along with usury, caring for the poor, protecting children, and reaching out to those on the margins, many Christians in the U.S.A. have forgotten their scriptures.  The hatred spewing forth across the nation under the guise of celebration will only breed more hatred for the truly ugly American.

     Am I relieved the world is free of one more religious fundamentalist determined to kill in the name of his god?  Yes.

     But will I rejoice and boast?  This atheist will not.

     Get some class, America.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

CNN's Report on the Minnesota Catholic Church's Anti-Gay DVD, Archbishop Nienstedt's Response: LGBT Allies' "Eternal Salvation" at Risk

     The fallout continues following Catholic Archbishop Nienstedt's offensive anti-gay-civil-rights DVD release.  In the CNN report embedded below, the Catholic parents of gay child are told by Neinstedt that their "eternal salvation may well depend upon a conversion of heart on this topic."

     Also in the CNN report is Lucinda Naylor, the artist fired by the Catholic Church for her protest of the DVD release.  After Naylor, a few "loving" Catholics are interviewed, who want to help "sinful" gays forsake their ways by putting billboards up and commercials on TV every night that expose homo's "sins."  But these loving Catholics aren't bullies, because it's not picking on a homosexual to fire them for getting married.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catholic Church Puts Ordaining Women in the Same Category of Crime as Child Sexual Abuse by Clerics

     Ordain a Catholic woman and go to hell.  Rape a child and go to confession.
     Here's a quick and sick update in Vatican politics and Canon Law.

     The Vatican today made the "attempted ordination" of women one of the gravest crimes under church law, putting it in the same category as clerical sex abuse of minors, heresy and schism.
     The new rules, which have been sent to bishops around the world, apply equally to Catholic women who agree to a ceremony of ordination and to the bishop who conducts it. Both would be excommunicated. Since the Vatican does not accept that women can become priests, it does not recognise the outcome of any such ceremony.
     The latest move, which appeared to bar and bolt the door to Catholic women priests, came at a time when the Church of England moved in the opposite direction, to a step closer to the ordination of female bishops.
     The Guardian's claim that this move by the Vatican puts ordaining women in the same category as a cleric raping children is not exactly correct.  While both may be categorized as "grave crimes," from what I understand, a priest can still rape children, sexually assault parishioners and a bishop can cover it all up, and neither of them will be automatically excommunicated.  But if a woman attempts ordination, anathema sit.

     Someone who is excommunicated is said to have removed themselves from communion with the Catholic Church.  They are no longer allowed to receive the sacraments and their god's grace, which means they are going to hell.  

     So, if you are a woman and get ordained a Catholic priest, you will go to hell.  If you are Catholic priest and rape a little girl, you will go to confession and be welcomed back into the fold and on your way to paradise.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Worst Children's Book Ever: Does God Love [or Hate] Michael's Two Daddies?

     Click here to read the Amazon readers' reviews of  Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies?, a children's book written by the appropriately named Sheila K. Butt.

     One reader called it "hate propaganda, in its rawest, most profane form - a book written by idiots, for idiots."

     While another reader responded, "The kids that did read it said it was lame and taught hate. I recommend this book for those who want their kids to bully those who come from a different background. The so called christians that want to teach hate will thing this is a gift from god."

     I am so happy there's finally a book out there to teach true Christian values: bigotry is ok as long as it's directed at the right group. For some reason, my kids are not grasping why it is ok to hate people based on traits they were born with and over which they have no control. It's as if there's a natural rejection to conflating faith and politics. Crazy kids. This book is a great help.  Perhaps Ms. Butts can publish a coloring book with Michael's Two Daddies burning for eternity in the fire lake of Hell? I would have to buy my kids more red and orange crayons, but the lesson that homosexuals are lesser humans is worth the expense.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ex-Gay Christian Adam Hood Condemns Homosexuality while Wearing a Gold Ascot, What Is There to be Learned from This?

     Adam Hood, of the fundamentalist Christian group Recycle Your Faith, is the star of a recent set of videos about homosexuality being "one of the worst forms of depravity."  Hood is a self-proclaimed ex-gay, who was saved by Jesus and made straight by what he calls a miracle.  

     He delivers his message adorned in a gold ascot.
Image via Towleroad
     The first begins with the quote:
     A recent study shows that 92% of non-Christians ages 16-29 associate Christianity with being "anti-homosexual."
     Hood begins by saying that 100% of "outsiders" should view Christianity as anti-homosexual, because his bible is "so clear."  He speaks with pleasure and pride about how anti-gay his understanding of his god and his bible is.  

     Later, he goes into the typical "sin isn't right just because it feels good" Christian moralizing.  What he forgets is that according to Christian morals and scripture pride, judgment of others, and self-righteousness feel good, too, but indulging in these sins, while in a video wearing a gold ascot, is apparently okay.

     Here is an example of some of Hood's reasoning:
     [Homosexuality]'s a sin that God [sic] will damn.  If they stay in that sin, they will be damned to hell and rightly so, because they need to be quarantined because they will continue in their rebellion and try to bring that gangrene into heaven. God's [sic] not having it, okay?
     This type of thought in certain religious people and their religious institutions is the basis for all the anti-gay laws in the world.  If their gods will quarantine gays by dropping them into hell, then building their god's kingdom involves quarantining/segregating/burning gays here on earth.

     Hood also blames homosexuality on boys having been fatherless or sexually abused by a man, which are both myths.  There are plenty of homosexuals, who had loving fathers and/or were never sexually abused.  It sounds like he's going to one of my old Catholic counselors.  Also, very Catholic are his self-projected conclusions about what is natural and unnatural.

     Hood continues in a second video telling the story of his drug addiction, affinity for fame and wearing costumes, and his involvement in witchcraft, all of which took place while he was gay.  

     His conversion came when a homeless man read his mind and exposed his worries about going to hell.  This triggered a mental breakdown, during which orderlies were tying Hood down.  In that moment, he prayed and found peace in Jesus.  He was checked into a psych ward, where he believed that a possessed man in the next room was going to tear him apart.  When Hood "whispered" Jesus' name, the possessed man went mad.  Then, Hood became a "hardcore, on fire Christian" stating, "I mean martyr me for Jesus" Christian.  

     Hood admits that he had been on every drug you can imagine.  He never mentions detox and his mental breakdown as possible reasons for the mind reading power of the homeless and for possessed patients trying to silence his prayers.  No, it's all because he was gay.

     Hood then talks about the "miracle" of his god giving him "natural affection" for a woman.  Notice that he doesn't say "sexual attraction."  He talks about his first orgasm in his wife on their wedding night, how he screamed Jesus' name.  He talks about how much he loves women, loves his wife's body, and loves women physically.  But, he never says that he loves them sexually.  

Kate Winlet via WHYfame?
     I remember speaking like this, back in high school, college, and seminary, while trying to pass as straight.  As long as I talked about how much I appreciated the physical beauty of women's bodies, how much I verbalized that Kate Winslet was gorgeous, and how much I loved my numerous female friends, then I wasn't gay.  It didn't matter that, when it came to sex, I wanted men.

     Here is Hood's description of being part of the "gay community" and how it felt:     
     Probably at the lowest pit of my drug run, I ended up in the gay community in San Francisco, and, um, was a pretty well known club celebrity in the city, um, here in the city, and, um, dressed up everyday in the most extravagant wow costumes.  I felt like it was family.  You know, the gay community offered you celebrity.  It offered you affirmation, even men would pay attention to me.  Well, growing up my dad wasn't at home, I didn't have that.  But I didn't understand these things while I was in it.  I thought it was the rightest thing for me to be doing.  I thought that was who I was, and it was even righteous and holy.  I really did.
     This sounds just like my experience of seminary and priesthood, which promised me family/brotherhood, made me a parochial celebrity, inundated me with affirmation and the attention of men that I called "Father," and allowed me to dress up in extravagant costumes.  I was surrounded by people that assured me what I was doing was righteous and holy and believed that it was the rightest thing.

     In many ways, I see myself in Mr. Hood.  We shared the same struggle of trying to reconcile our homosexuality and religion.  Where he went down the dark rabbit hole of drugs that exists in a certain circles of the gay population, I went down the rabbit hole of sexual abuse, power, and manipulation in certain circles of the Catholic priesthood.  

     Our experiences of these cultures were tainted with pain and scandal, but that doesn't mean that every member of these groups is depraved or abusive.  I make strong statements on this blog about the hypocrisies and hatred that religious persons espouse, but I also know that not all religious people share these odious beliefs.  Sadly, Mr. Hood is not one of those people.

Here are the videos.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christian Pastor Attacks Gay Mayoral Candidate in Gainesville with Hate Speech in the Name of Jesus

     The Gospel According to Hate is alive and well in Gainesville, Florida, where openly gay mayoral candidate, Don Marsh, is under attack by the Christian right. 

     Pastor Wayne Sapp of the Dove World Outreach Center (How gay is that name?) put a video on YouTube in which he preached his hatred and homophobia.  I would have posted it here and commented, but it's been removed from YouTube because it violated You Tube's terms of service.

     The Independent Florida Alligator was able to post the video before it was taken down.   Watch the video by clicking here.  Look into the kind of ignorance that breeds such hatred in the name of the Christian god.

     "Here in Gainesville, they’re getting ready to have a run-off election between two candidates, and one of them is openly a homo, gay, fag — whatever you want to call him.  We got one running for mayor of Gainesville, trying to convert Gainesville into Homo ville. We can’t have it." 
     As his anger and hatred boil, Sapp nearly strangles the camera, but he claims to represent a loving god.

     Here is a link to a different video from the Dove World Outreach Center website explaining how they don't judge gays.   The video rips homosexuals for spreading lies and hating free speech, and then goes on to say that:

  • Homosexuals only live to age 40. 

  • 36% of homosexuals are child molesters. 

  • 80% of homosexuals have STDs.
     These ignorant lies are what breeds hatred and violence against LGBT persons.  The speaker claims that Dove's Christians don't hate homosexuals, but their pastor's words include gay-slurs that are hate speech and have been used historically to incite violence and discrimination against LGBT persons.  (The video also displays the hatred that Dove's pastor stirs up toward Muslims.)

     I need not pass judgment on the holy Christians of Dove World Outreach Center.  Their own words stand as judgment.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vatican Cardinal: Gays "Will Never Go to Heaven"

     Myth: People are not born gay, they are conditioned to be gay.

     Fact: People are not born Catholic, they are conditioned to be Catholic.

     Try preaching that truth to the Vatican, where the Ansa news agency reports:

     Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan said that while the Church regarded homosexuality as an "insult to God", this did not justify discrimination against gay and transsexual people.
     "Transsexuals and homosexuals will never enter the kingdom of heaven and it is not me who says this, but Saint Paul."
     St. Paul also told people not to get married because he believed the world was coming to a quick end (1 Cor 7:8).  And furthermore, why would we homosexuals and transgendered people want to spend an eternity in a heaven full of homophobic, closeted clergy?  That is, assuming, of course, that they would be there.

     Barragan continues:
     "People are not born homosexual, they become homosexual, for different reasons: education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence. It may not be their fault, but acting against nature and the dignity of the human body is an insult to God."
     I am the perfect example of why his reasoning and psychology are wrong.

     I grew up in a very Catholic family, in small town conservative Iowa, and did not have any gay role models, family members, or friends.  I was formed in the church's seminary system (in which Barragan was  also formed), had a decade of Catholic spiritual direction and psychological counseling, and even had a Catholic counselor that tried to help me "recover my lost heterosexuality."

     Everything in my childhood rearing was set up to raise me as a straight Catholic boy, but throughout , I never had sexual fantasies about women, I never masturbated thinking about women, I never had wet dreams about women (save for one, when I was 18), and I remember being attracted to males and not females since I was in preschool and kindergarten.  I never made a choice to be gay.

     Also, does Cardinal Barragan not realize that he just condemned a large percentage of the Catholic clergy and religious that have lived throughout history?  What a hypocrite!

Nice Ruby slippers, John Paul.
Did Judy lend you those?