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Sunday, November 14, 2010

CNN's Report on the Minnesota Catholic Church's Anti-Gay DVD, Archbishop Nienstedt's Response: LGBT Allies' "Eternal Salvation" at Risk

     The fallout continues following Catholic Archbishop Nienstedt's offensive anti-gay-civil-rights DVD release.  In the CNN report embedded below, the Catholic parents of gay child are told by Neinstedt that their "eternal salvation may well depend upon a conversion of heart on this topic."

     Also in the CNN report is Lucinda Naylor, the artist fired by the Catholic Church for her protest of the DVD release.  After Naylor, a few "loving" Catholics are interviewed, who want to help "sinful" gays forsake their ways by putting billboards up and commercials on TV every night that expose homo's "sins."  But these loving Catholics aren't bullies, because it's not picking on a homosexual to fire them for getting married.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Worst Children's Book Ever: Does God Love [or Hate] Michael's Two Daddies?

     Click here to read the Amazon readers' reviews of  Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies?, a children's book written by the appropriately named Sheila K. Butt.

     One reader called it "hate propaganda, in its rawest, most profane form - a book written by idiots, for idiots."

     While another reader responded, "The kids that did read it said it was lame and taught hate. I recommend this book for those who want their kids to bully those who come from a different background. The so called christians that want to teach hate will thing this is a gift from god."

     I am so happy there's finally a book out there to teach true Christian values: bigotry is ok as long as it's directed at the right group. For some reason, my kids are not grasping why it is ok to hate people based on traits they were born with and over which they have no control. It's as if there's a natural rejection to conflating faith and politics. Crazy kids. This book is a great help.  Perhaps Ms. Butts can publish a coloring book with Michael's Two Daddies burning for eternity in the fire lake of Hell? I would have to buy my kids more red and orange crayons, but the lesson that homosexuals are lesser humans is worth the expense.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proposition 8 Proponents' Attorney Argued Same Sex Marriages Will End Society

     The closing arguments of Perry v. Schwarzenegger were heard by U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker yesterday.  The ruling will come later this summer.
Charles Cooper (via LGBT POV)
     The Los Angeles Times reports (My comments are interspersed.):
     Charles Cooper, attorney for proponents of the measure, told Walker that the “marital relationship is fundamental to the existence and survival of the race. Without the marital relationship, society would come to an end.”
     Because gays will destroy society?  Where have we heard that one before.  Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell, Rick Warren, Martin SsempaJim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, the American Family Association, the Vatican, the U.S. military, etc. etc.  Just last week in Ghana, an anti-gay protest of 3,000 marched in the streets claiming that the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah would befall their nation if they didn't outlaw homosexuality, the protest's leaders claiming that gays wear diapers.  

     As if heterosexual Christians aren't doing enough to destroy the institution of marriage themselves.  Yes, scapegoat the queers.  That's an original and time-tested strategy.

     But wait a minute, if the purpose of marriage is to ensure procreation, then how did human beings evolve, exist, and procreate long before the patriarchal version of the institution of marriage was created?  Every other species on earth procreates successfully without the "marital relationship."  Cooper's argument is completely flawed.  The human race survived and thrived long before marriage, and if Cooper's doomsgay prophesy manifests, the human race will continue to procreate.
         That relationship, he [Cooper] said, is between a man and a woman and its main focus is procreation and “channeling” the sexual behavior of heterosexuals into “stable, marital unions.”
     Once again, I have to ask, does this mean that divorce should be made illegal?  Define "stable."  Should we pass laws defining a stable marriage and only allow heterosexual couples in so-called "stable, marital unions" to have sex and procreate?

Judge Vaughn Walker (via SFGate)
     Walker continually pressed the sometimes flustered Cooper on just what marriage means and why the state should care about it. Why does the state regulate marriage, he asked. Do people get married to benefit the community? Why doesn’t the state just consider it a private contract?
     Walker: “Why is it that marriage has such a large public role? What is the purpose?”
     Cooper: “This relationship is crucial to the public interest.… Procreative sexual relations both are an enormous benefit to society and represent a very real threat to society’s interest.”
     Walker: “Threat?"
     Cooper: “If children are born into the world without this stable, marital union … both of the parents that brought them into the world, then a host of very important, very negative social implications arise.... The purpose of marriage is to provide society’s approval to that sexual relationship and to the actual production of children.”
     If the purpose of marriage is to "provide society's approval to that sexual relationship and the actual production of children," then society is doing a shitty job by permitting so many children to be born into families of pedophiles, rapists, drug addicts, embezzlers, child-beaters, religious fanatics, mentally abusive, neglecting, self-centered, overbearing, disordered, cheating, lying, etc. etc. parents.  Where are all the laws that define and monitor marriage stability, determining whether a couple can conceive?  On what planet does Cooper live?

      Those who adopt go through rigorous screening processes before being allowed to become parents.  Olson presented evidence of studies showing that adoptive parents are more likely to provide a stable, nurturing household than your average married couple. Perhaps we need to take the babies born to those deemed "unstable" by Cooper's standards and put them all up for adoption.  That's it.  Stable same sex couples may actually save the human race by adopting and raising the children of abusive, unqualified, and unstable heterosexuals, who don't live up to Cooper's standards.

     And what of our soldiers that die in action?  Should their children be taken from their single mothers and placed in "stable" homes that have one mommy and one daddy?  Where does it end, Cooper?
Ted Olson (via Advocate)
     Cooper took Theodore Olson, attorney for the gay and lesbian couples who filed suit against Proposition 8, to task for claiming that Californians could support the ban on same-sex marriage only “through irrational or dark motive, some animus, some kind of bigotry.”
     People's religious beliefs don't excuse their actions, especially in a country where there is freedom of and from religion. Voting to take away the rights of a group, who holds different religious beliefs, is unconstitutional. 

     As for the dark motive, animus and bigotry, were not an endless barrage of commercials financed by religious groups channeled into my living room in 2008 purporting scientifically disproved myths and stereotypes of homosexuals as deviants, who were trying to prey on children in the school systems?  If that's not animus and bigotry, what is?
     Olson’s viewpoint, Cooper said, “denies the good faith of Congress, of state legislature after state legislature and electorate after electorate.”  To which Walker responded: “If you have 7 million Californians, 70 judges and this long history, why in this case did you present but one witness? ... You had a lot to choose from. One witness, and it was fair to say his testimony was equivocal.”
      Equivocal:  equiv-o-cal,  \i-ˈkwi-və-kəl\  According to Merriam-Webster, this is the definition of equivocal:

a: subject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse [an equivocal statement]  b: uncertain as an indication or sign [equivocal evidence]

     To download the full transcript click here.  My favorite moment came when during Cooper's argument, he sounded flustered and stated something like, "I'm losing my voice."

     We could only be so lucky.
Here is Kate Kendell's optimistic response after witnessing the closing arguments.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catholic Elementary School in Massachusetts Expels Student for Having Lesbian Parents

     St. Paul (Catholic) Elementary School  became a copycat of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Boulder, Colorado, by expelling a child because he has two mommies.  St. Paul is in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts, ground zero for the scandal of cover-up and enabling of pedophile-priests by church authorities.  Yes, when it comes to knowing what's best for other people's children, trust the Catholic Church.

     A Roman Catholic school in Massachusetts has withdrawn its acceptance of an 8-year-old boy with lesbian parents, saying their relationship was "in discord" with church teachings, according to one of the boys' mothers.  The Massachusetts woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of concerns about the effect of publicity on her son, said she planned to send the boy to third grade at St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham in the fall. But she said she learned her son's acceptance was rescinded during a conference call Monday with Principal Cynthia Duggan and the parish priest, the Rev. James Rafferty."I'm accustomed to discrimination, I suppose, at my age and my experience as a gay woman," the mother said. "But I didn't expect it against my child."  Rafferty said her relationship "was in discord with the teachings of the Catholic Church," which holds marriage is only between a man and woman, the woman said.

     When it comes to discrimination against homosexuals and their children,Catholics claim that they are not bigots.  They are just following Catholic teachings.  But, unless someone is consistently following and enforcing all Catholic teachings, unless someone is expelling the children of all the parents who don't follow all of the Catholic teachings, then they are picking, choosing, and targeting their scapegoat of the month.  That makes them a bigot.

     Father John Geoghan abused children for over three decades in the Archdiocese of Boston, while under the protection of bishops and cardinals who knew.  Cardinal Bernard Law has yet to face criminal charges for covering up this case.  He continues to dodge the law, under the protection of the Vatican in Rome.

     This is the authority with which the Catholic church of Boston calls homosexual depraved.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiger Wood's Nike Commercial Gets Christian Bale Overhaul

     The new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods and his back-from-the-dead father Earl Woods telling Tiger what he thinks of Tiger's sex scandal has been re-dubbed with Christian Bale's violent and inappropriate Terminator Salvation meltdown.  Strangely, it doesn't seem as out of place when placed over the "let's make money off of Tiger's adultery and mysterious addiction" Nike commercial.
     If you haven't heard the Bale rant before, it's full of F-bombs.  So don't click the video if you are easily offended.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Violence and Childrearing Hypocrisy

     I don't get it.  Why do parents take their children and torture them by dropping them in the laps of unknown strangers dressed in frightening costumes?  Is this not a form a psychological violence?  Does it not violate the time-proven necessity of the stern warning that every child receives not to talk to strangers? 

     KTLA has a slide show of pictures of terrified children running from the Easter Bunny, from which this picture was taken.  I'm not sure if their intention was for us to look at these pictures and laugh along with the parents or to be repulsed. 

     So plopping your vulnerable, trusting child in the lap of a masked stranger, while you laugh and take pictures of the child's terror is okay, but if you are gay, you shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carefully Taught Students See and Learn from Teacher of the Year Derrick Martin's Dad and Protest Gay Prom Couple

      As the old Rodgers and Hammerstein song from South Pacific says, "You must be carefully taught."

     Guess who was teacher of the year at Bleckley County High? BCH is the school where Derrick Martin has been granted permission to bring his choice of a date to prom, his boyfriend Richard Goodman. Derrick was kicked out of his house by his parents, because the boy spoke about his gay prom date with the news media.

     Bleckley County High's Teacher of the Year is none other than Mr. Martin, every one's favorite math teacher and a father who threw his son out on the street because it became known that his son was going to prom with a boy.  Mr. Martin is a role model for the Christian youth of Bleckley County High and they are following his witness.

     A small group of Bleckley County High School students staged a rally at the courthouse Thursday evening to protest their high school allowing a gay student to take his boyfriend to the prom.  “We knew Derrick was gay,” said Keith Bowman Jr., a high school senior who showed up at the rally. “They don’t want (Cochran) to be known as a pro gay town.”  Most of the dozen attending the rally said they weren’t bothered by Martin being gay or being allowed to attend prom with his partner. But they said the school system’s decision has brought too much attention to their small town.
     Thus, the connection to Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  We know you're gay, but just don't talk about it.  Pretend to be straight.  Sacrifice your integrity for our god and for our version of country.  We don't want to be known as a homo-loving military, like the Netherlands.  Look where it got them

    And they say that kids today don't learn from the examples of their elders.
     “People who don’t know the area will think it reflects on everybody,” said John Smith, a grandfather who owns an air-conditioning business in Cochran.  Before he stopped by the rally, he asked county officials Thursday if a separate prom could be held at the city’s recreation center, he said.
     Grandaddy wants separate but equal proms.  How Strom Thurmond of him!  I wish I was in Dixie.

     Go stick your head in AC unit, Mr. Smith, and turn the unit up to maximum blow.
     The rally’s organizer, Amber Duskin, sent text messages to high school students Wednesday asking them to show up.  The senior said she asked her high school to return her prom ticket money and does not plan to attend because of Martin.   “I don’t believe in going up there and dancing with gay guys like that,” she said. “It’s also not just him bringing a boy. It was bringing all this attention to it.”
     Amber, not to burst your bubble, but you don't "believe" in dancing amidst gay guys.  Have you not read your Old Testament?  David was bi and, in his youth, had a boyfriend named Jonathan, who was killed before they could attend the prom.  

     David and Jonathan were a couple. They wore each other's clothes.  They loved each other more than they loved themselves.  When Jonathan's daddy, Saul, refused to listen to Jonathan's pleas not to kill David, Saul refused.  Realizing they couldn't be together, David went down three times before Jonathan, and then they kissed, and held each other weeping knowing they would never see each other again.   To punsih Jonathan, Saul sent him on a suicide mission where he was killed in battle. 

     In reaction to news of his lover's death, David rent his garments, killed the merciful Amalekite that euthanized dying Jonathan, and sang a song for Jonathan in which he declared: "I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother! most dear have you been to me; More precious have I held love for you than love for women."  (2 Sam 1:26 NAB) 

     More precious than love for women?  It seems pretty clear.  And if singing a gay love song wasn't enough, David also had a thing for dancing.  He danced with abandon (how gay is that?) before the Ark of the Covenant, girt with only an apron, which is pretty close to rave-party naked.  (2 Sam 13-16

     So, Amber, gay love was good enough for the great King David, but it's not for you.
     A group of college students also stopped by the rally but not to protest.“We’re for it,” said Carly Nobles, a Middle Georgia College student. “It takes a lot for someone to come out (as gay). “This is a small town. Some of these students are sheltered, and I don’t think they can think for themselves.”
     Way to go college-educated students!  It's amazing what a little bit of education can do for people.  I wonder if seperate-but-equal-proms granddaddy has a college degree. 
     Martin said talk at school Thursday was that the prom committee may do away with the traditional “walk through” when students and their dates are announced as they enter the prom.
     Who's organizing this prom?  The Archbishop of Washington, D.C.?  If the gays get equal rights, then we'll punish everyone, especially the children.

     My respect and admiration go out to Derrick and Richard.  I hope your prom is absolutely fabulous!

Careful the things you say, children will listen.
Careful the things you do, children will see, and learn...
Careful the tail you tell, that is the spell.
Children will listen.

-Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods

Image credit: Jason Vorhees, The Telegraph

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Hate Balloon Boy's Parents

     I don’t have any kids. I probably never will.

     When I was in seminary this was something extremely difficult for me to accept. In counseling sessions I worked through my grief over the loss of children I would never have. I was told this was a natural thing for priests to feel and to do, because we were biologically hardwired for procreation. Because we had to be celibate and since the people in the pews were going to be our spiritual children, we had to open up our lives to be parents for all. There was no room even for adoption. Sure, a few priests managed to adopt, but that was viewed as questionable. Were they really going to be able to give their entire being to the church if they had a kid to care for?

     Growing up, I always thought I’d be a father. I neither thought I’d be a priest, nor that I’d end up being engaged to a man. While being a priest was in the collective imagination of my Irish-Italian Iowan roots, being a healthy gay man was not. Since kindergarten and my days of parenting various stuffed animals with names that rhymed with Jeffrey (Keffrey, Meffrey, Neffrey, Peffrey, etc.—I was very creative), I knew that there was something different about me.

     Was it the pink birthday hat that I requested? Was it the repulsion I felt when Tammy Schultz asked me to play Show and Tell and Touch under the bedcovers with her? Was it the fact that I got caught by my big sister and reprimanded by my parents for playing the same game with Chet Blackmore in the basement the next weekend? Or was it my fascination with the intriguing parts hanging between the legs of the plump daddy in the children’s book Where Did I Come From? Whatever it was, I didn’t call it gay. I didn’t know that word; except that it was something you called sissies on the playground.

     As I grew older, my fantasy life evolved as well. Nightly as I lay in bed, I got trapped in snowstorms with my He-Man and G.I. Joe guys (especially G.I. Joe arctic trooper: Snow Job). Snow Job and I were freezing to death. In order to survive we had to strip naked, share a sleeping bag, and lie close to each other for warmth. (I’d learned about that survival method from Latka on an episode of Taxi.) Eventually, the fantasy came to involve some of my male teachers, my friends, and their fathers.

     As a teen, I fantasized about being a father, about marrying my best friend, who looked like Ariel, The Little Mermaid (the wedding was going to be fabulous), and having beautiful auburn-haired girls to raise with her. (See the video below for the full fantasy.)  Of course, there was no sex in the marriage. They were virgin births apparently, because I was still getting accidentally stuck in blizzards with co-workers and football-loving buddies, luckily getting the last room at roadside motel, and unfortunately having to share the room’s only bed. (And did I mention the power outage?)

     Now, at 35, I’m engaged to SHE (Super Husband Extraordinaire) and there’s quite an age difference between us. He’s got grown kids. We’re not going to have children—nieces and nephews, yes; grandchildren, maybe. I know that I could be a great father, but in my life at this point, I cannot support a family financially. I’m in grad school. I’m a writer. There’s no money, no job, no stability. Love there would be, but we’d be living on the streets. I’m not going to introduce a child in to that kind of uncertainty. It wouldn’t be responsible or fair.

     So, when I turn on the news and see the latest Octomom saga: Balloon Boy; when I hear of parents using their children to get media attention or to make money; when I hear stories of parents verbally, physically, or sexually abusing their children; when an addict to whom I listening tells me he been addicted to heroin since age nine when his mom made him shoot up with her; and, when I see parents damaging children out of their own selfishness, I get angry. I want childhood protective services to rescue those children. I want the world to do something.

     But then, what am I doing? I make less than 30K in Los Angeles. I’m in school. I’m thirty-five and have no children. What am I giving to the world? How I am helping the situation? Is there salvation for the Balloon Boys of the world?

Image Credit: Snow Job from Hasbo