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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and Sir Elton John's Big Fat Bigoted Wedding

Image via People
     Rush Limbaugh just entered his fourth traditional marriage, this time with Kathryn Rogers.  Congratulations to both of you.  I hope your two or three years together will be full of Christian bliss.  The lovely couple met six years ago while Limbaugh was going through his third traditional divorce.

     In a strange twist of events, playing for an estimated $1 million at the reception was none other than Sir Elton John, hypocrite and sellout.  Elton serenaded the gay-friendly crowd, which according to CNN, included Karl Rove, Fred Thompson, Sean HannityRudy Giuliani, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Birds of feather f*ck gay rights together.

     (PS. Sorry for the tardiness of this post.  I was quite ill the past week and missed some of the big stories.  I had to comment on this one, even if it's a week late.)

"How wonderful life is, when your anti-gay, anti-healthcare, anti-immigrant, racist blood money's in my life." 
Image via The Guardian

Gay Malawi Couple Breaks Up and One Seeks Traditional Heterosexual Marriage

     The story of the gay couple from Malawi that was convicted, sentenced to fourteen years in prison, and then pardoned after they held an engagement ceremony in December continues to grow more tragic.  After their release, fear of retribution and death threats drove one of the two to seek a "more acceptable" and "church-approved" alternative.

     The news that gay couple whose 14-year prison sentence for their love affair led to international condemnation, have split over a girl, excited some Malawians who thought this was the way to bury the issue of homosexual in the country.
     Steven Monjeza, 26, said he had left his partner, Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, because he had been coerced into the gay relationship and found a better match with a 24-year-old woman named Dorothy.  Zomba based businessman cum politician Sudi Adak Sulaiman ha for the past few days visited Monjeza at his home in Chirimba, Blantyre in an effort to encourage and give him some money in support of his [heterosexual] wedding plans.  According to Monjeza’s neighbors, Sulaimana in the company of reporters visited the house of Monjeza on Tuesday and found him drunk...
     When Nyasa Times tried to find out about Monjeza’s new sweet heart, it was discovered that she is a prostitute (hooker) who stays in a one roomed apartment behind one of the bars in Chirimba...
     Gay rights campaigners blame the couple’s breakup on fears of violent retribution. Monjeza’s uncle was reportedly determined to prevent them from getting back together after being released.  Chimbalanga was warned not to set foot in the village or they would “deal with him.”
     How sad.  In Malawi, it is better to drink one's self to death and marry a prostitute than to be with the one you love.  

     Of course, while legally gays can't be put in jail for being gay in the U.S., the psychological and religious pressure is the same for many homosexuals here.  I know closeted gays that have turned to drink and prostitutes rather than come out of the closet.  Praise traditional religious praxis.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mark Souder's Interviewed about Abstinence Only Education by his Mistress Tracy Jackson, a Duet of Hypocrisy

     Representative Mark Souder, an Indiana Republican, who supports traditional values, like abstinence and traditional marriage, is falling hard.  He was caught in adultery with his part-time staffer, Tracy Jackson.  Lied about it, by saying he was missing votes in Washington, because he was at home caring for his sick wife.  What a great husband!  Right?

     Get this.  A few months ago, Souder made a video, in which he's interviewed about the traditional values that he supports, such as abstinence education, by Ms. Jackson, whom he was staffing at the time.  How's that for hypcrisy?

     TPM reports:
     Dubbed "Congressional Update with Congressman Mark Souder," the show hit on issues like intelligent design and fencing the border.  In the November 2009 abstinence video, Jackson introduces Souder this way: "You've been a longtime advocate for abstinence education and in 2006 you had your staff conduct a report entitled 'Abstinence and its Critics' which discredits many claims purveyed by those who oppose abstinence education."
     My favorite part is when Souder and Jackson talk about condoms.  You can sense the sexual tension between them.  The forbidden fruit of out-of-wedlock sex with god-forbidden artificial contraception was just too much to handle.

     At one point Souder goes off on the Democrats and critics of abstinence-only education saying "They blamed abstinence programs that they didn't have any experience in..."  Apparently, he didn't have any experience in abstinence either.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana, Traditional Marriage Proponent, Resigns Amid Sex with Staffer Scandal

     Representative Mark Souder, a Republican Protestant from Indiana and supporter of traditional marriage, who on his website claims to be "committed to fighting the assault on American values," just got caught with his dick in a staffer.  Adultery, anyone?

     TPM reports:
     Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), a champion of abstinence education and traditional family values, will resign effective Friday after an affair with a female staffer in his district office, he announced today.
     He said in a statement that he "sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff." And he blamed the atmosphere in Washington for forcing him to make the move:
     "In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon, often twisted, for political gain. I am resigning rather than to put my family through that painful, drawn-out process."  The eight-term Indiana congressman is, of course, a vocal proponent of traditional family values. He has been married since 1974 and has three grown children.
     You know that poisonous media environment in Washington that he's attacking?  It was FOX News that broke the story.

     Not only did Souder "sin" by committing adultery, but he lied for months during his current primary bid about the affair.  Is he going to apologize for lying, too?

     Elected as a family values conservative as part of the Republican revolution in 1994, Souder survived a tough re-election challenge in 2008 and survived a contested primary two weeks ago.
     All the way through his election, Souder tried to knock down the affair story, calling it revenge politics at play. But the backroom chatter in Indiana and among the GOP on Capitol Hill became too much to survive. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was informed as late as Monday night that Souder would give up his post.
     Souder, 59, was absent from Washington most of last week, missing multiple votes and voting only on Thursday. While the rumors had been flying, Souder claimed that he was at home tending to his ill wife.
     In his statement, he added that by stepping down, his "mistake cannot be used as a political football" to undermine the causes he supports.
     Sorry, buddy, but you sticking your dick in a staffer and covering it by using your wife by saying that she's ill and your nursing her, while telling me that I'm immoral and can't have equal rights with partner of two and a half years, screams kickoff

     You are a hypocrite and a liar. You think you have the authority to tell other people what is right and wrong, but you can't follow your own measly ten commandments.  Enjoy retirement.

     I believe that Congress must fight to uphold the traditional values that undergird the strength of our nation. The family plays a fundamental role in our society. Studies consistently demonstrate that it is best for a child to have a mother and father, and I am committed to preserving traditional marriage, the union of one man and one woman.
     Traditional marriage equals the union of one man, his supposedly ill wife, and his part-time staffer.  I'm sure your children feel that they are benefiting from this experience.

     Just in case you forgot what traditional marriage is, here's a quick lesson from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Abraham, Issac, and God: A Lesson in Biblical Child Care for the Catholic Church

     In light of the current sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church, what parent would possibly allow her child to be kissed on the lips by Catholic priest?

     What parent would defend Pope Benedict XVI's participation in the cover-up and enabling of sexual abuse and violence against children?

     What parent would subject his child to a system of belief that puts the welfare of religious hypocrites above that of innocent children?

     All good Catholic parents, who embrace the traditional values of the bible, would.   Whatever their their god (via the pope and priests that are vessels of his presence) demands of them, they give him.  It's what the bible tells them so.

     Here is today's lesson, care of "Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics."  

Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catholic Priest-Perpetrators of Europe and the Americas Were Shipped to Africa

     What were the Catholic bishops of Europe and the Americas to do with their all their priest-pedophiles?  Where could they send them so that no one would ever find out?  Where could they escape prosecution?  Where could they go where it wouldn't matter what they do to more children?  Why, Africa, of course.

     Tighten your cinctures.  Here's the next round in the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal: the inherently patronizing and racist attitudes towards Africa, where American and European bishops banished many a predator-priest, because they didn't care about kids in Africa.

     Damning reports accusing senior Catholic clerics of institutional cover-up of sexual abuses are still emerging, as predator priests in Europe and the Americas sent to Africa, allegedly, continued offending whilst dodging prosecution in their home country.
     The AFP has been questioning people in Nigeria, which counts the highest number of Catholics in Africa, Uganda and Congo if such abuses have been endured by some members. The head of the Southern African Bishops Conference has, meanwhile, publicly acknowledged that the issue of paedophilia has truly inflicted African Churches and that about 40 abuse cases have been reported since the last 14 years.
     News24, an online South Africa news source, quotes a former clergyman from Burkina Faso, Felix Koffi Ametepe as saying: "When I was in the church, I happened to discover some suspected cases of abuse, especially by foreign clergy. There’s a certain tolerance among African Catholic communities regarding priests who visit women. Even if people very well know that the priest has a child, or that he has ongoing relations with a woman, no one does anything about it.  Everyone accepts if a priest is with a woman, but no one would understand what he would look for in a boy. That means that no child would be believed if he said that a priest had touched him."
     And the church continues to claim that celibacy works...and that condoms don't.  Yes, their traditional values definitely place the well-being of children above all else.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pope Benedict Failed to Take Action Against Pedophile Founder Of the Legionaries of Christ: New Revelations

It was better for eight innocent men to suffer than for millions to lose their faith.

     The men brought allegations to then-Cardinal Ratzinger (now-Pope Ben) in 1998, and guess what?  After they kissed Ratzinger's ring to show him respect, he buried the case for eight years, while Maciel remained in the company of innocent children.  In 2006, after Ratzinger became pope, he finally removed Maciel from his post, but never tried him for his crimes.

     Maciel's case reveals how the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict have handled sexual abuse allegations, sacrificing innocent children for the sake of preserving the larger church from scandal.  Here are a few highlights from the Times article.  My comments are interspersed.
     The Rev. Alberto Athié Gallo, a Mexican priest who in 1998 tried to bring allegations of sexual abuse by Father Maciel to the attention of Cardinal Ratzinger, said the Vatican allowed Father Maciel, who died in 2008, to lead a double life for decades.  “This was tolerated by the Holy See for years,” Father Athié said. “In this sense I think the Holy See cannot get to the bottom of this matter. It would have to criticize itself as an authority.”
     This is the heart of so many issues in the Catholic Church, an institution that claims god's will is revealed through both scripture and big-T Tradition (as opposed to dispensable little-t traditions, like ringing the bells during the elevation of the host at Mass).  Tradition (big-T) is that which is revealed through the ultimate authority of the church from via the pope and ecumenical councils (like Vatican II).  For the Catholic Church to criticize itself as an authority would undermine two thousands years of divine revelation by Tradition.  

     Perhaps, that's an overstatement, and, in fact, it is, because Vatican II made the distinction between a "sinful church" and "church of sinners," thus enabling the big-C Church to be sinless, while all the individuals, who make up the Church are that sinners that cause scandal, etc.  Even so, at the highest levels of the Vatican and the papacy, there is little distinction between church and Church in the popular theology of the church.  For the pope to be seen as colluding in sexual abuse would undermine the authority of the Church, at the risk of the lesser and weaker masses losing their faith.  Or so, that is the logic and fear of the clerics in power.

     Here is this "logic" at work in the mind and actions of Pope Benedict back in 1998 when the accusations against Maciel were brought forward:
     In an interview, Father Athié said Bishop Talavera — who has since died — told him that the cardinal had read the letter and decided not to proceed with the case. “Ratzinger said it could not be opened because he was a person very beloved by the pope,” referring to Father Maciel, “and had done a lot of good for the church. He [who is now Pope Benedict] said as well, ‘I am very sorry, but it isn’t prudent,’ ” Father Athié said.  Saúl Barrales, a schoolteacher who once worked as Father Maciel’s secretary and is a cousin of Bishop Talavera, said he had heard the same account of the conversation from the bishop.
     Prudent: marked by wisdom or judiciousness; shrewd in the management of practical affairs; marked by circumspection.

     For Ratzinger, who coveted the papacy himself, confronting a serial sexual abuser, who was tight with Pope John Paul II and brought in billions into the church coffers, definitely wasn't prudent.  

     As soon as a call to pedophile prudence rings, a pope from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith springs.
     Just before Christmas 1999, Ms. Wegan, the lawyer, wrote to Mr. Barba and Mr. Jurado to say she had “sad news.” She said that she had spoken twice to Father Girotti and that he had told her they had done some research into the matter, but had decided to close the inquiry “for now.”  Mr. Barba said that in a later phone conversation with Ms. Wegan, she told him it was better for eight innocent men to suffer than for millions to lose their faith.
     And, "the truth will set you free."

     Why does anyone still refer to Catholic clerics as "men of faith."  Men of fear would be more accurate.  Fear of "scandalizing the faithful" is beat into the mind of priests during seminary formation.  Always err on the side of sparing the vulnerable, malleable, and ignorant laity by doing what Father knows is best for them, even if this means withholding the truth, especially a truth that could harm Father's reputation and his chances of climbing the ecclesial ladder.
     Even so, Father Athié said Monsignor Scicluna told him during his inquiry in Mexico that there would be no formal trial. Upset, Father Athié said he asked, “What is the point of the investigation then?” He said Monsignor Scicluna responded: “ ‘Father, Father Maciel is already an old man. In what way can one punish a priest who is already so old?’ ”
      No need to punish him, because he's old?  Older than Moses was when god pushed him by not letting him enter the promised land because he tapped the rock twice?  Maciel tapped more than rocks and more than twice.  But he was too old.  That makes total sense, especially in light of Catholic belief, which is that one will live eternally in communion with god in heaven.  Therefore, Fr. Maciel was infinitesimally young at the time and deserved a spanking, no wait, that might have pleasured him.  He deserved a trial, public accountability for his sins against the youth of the church, and castration.

     Father Maciel was removed in May 2006, but it wasn't until two days ago that the Vatican officially spelled out why he'd been dismissed.
     Father Maciel’s “objectively immoral behavior” included criminal acts “and showed a life devoid of scruples and authentic religious feeling."
     But Pope Ben is still going to keep the religious order founded upon Maciel's immoral behavior, way of living that was devoid of scruples, and had no authentic religious feeling.  Of course he is.  It wouldn't be prudent to disband the Legionaries of Christ, worth an estimated $35 billion.

     Notice that in the condemnation of Father Maciel, there was no mention of sexual abuse of boys and girls, no mention of rape, and no mention of fathering children.  Later in the Holy See's statement, the whole of which can be read here, sexual abuse was mentioned:
     It will also mean dealing sincerely with all of those who, within and outside the Legion, were victims of sexual abuse and of the power system devised by the founder: They are in the Holy Father’s thoughts and prayers at this time, along with his gratitude to those of them who, even in the midst of great difficulties, had the courage and constancy to demand the truth.
     "Dealing" with victims of sexual abuse?  Sorry to inconvenience you, Ben.  

     "Power system devised by the founder"?  I don't think Maciel can take the blame for the power system of the Catholic Church that has enabled clergy all over the world to sexually abuse children for generations.

     How generous of you, Ben, to thank the victims, who came forward for over fifty years, while the Vatican (and you) allowed pedophile Maciel to remain in power (in the system "devised" by him).  How many lives were shattered and generations plagued while the church (and you) enabled this pedophile?  How many more were abused in the five years that you waited for prudence to arrive?

      Pope Benny and his entourage believe that he's divinely elected, that he is the Vicar of Christ; therefore, his excrement smells like incense.  There will be no resignation, because can do no wrong and because whatever transgression or acts of omission he may have committed in the past are forgiven.  If he resigns, then the domino of church authority will fall, starting a cascade that could scandalize a billion Catholics to challenge the big-T Tradition of the big-C Church.  But the dominoes have been falling for millennia, as the Christian history of schism, not communion, can attest.

     It's repulsive that a Father would abuse his own children, correct?

     When you worship a god who killed his innocent son for the sake of abusers like Maciel, there is no logic, no justice, and  no accountability.

     And besides, it's better that eight innocent men (and uncounted innocent children) suffer than for millions to lose their faith.
Image Credits:
Maciel at Mass, New York Times
Maciel and the Women, EXLCBlog
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Priest and the Concubine: A Sunday School Lesson of Traditional Values

     Happy Sunday.  It's time for a Sunday school lesson.

     Today's lesson is care of "Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics."  This is the divinely inspired and inerrant word of the Judeo-Christian god as revealed in the bible (Judges 19-21).  This is a story of traditional family values upon which the Catholic Church's traditional value of raping children is based.  Enjoy.

     My latest work is about the Old Testament, in which I took eight stories from various books and told them pretty much as they really are in there; my illustrations give voice to the women, the children, and the animals, as well as give commentary on the classic interpretations of the stories. No doubt some will call these irreverent and offensive, but really they are the actual stories, and they do beg for explanation. Of course my versions are funny as well. Five of them have been adapted to video and are on YouTube, and two of the stories are in the book Betsy's Sunday School Bible Classics, available on
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hans Küng Pleas to Catholic Bishops: Pope Benedict "Directly Responsible for Engineering Global Cover-Up of Child Rape Perpetrated by Priests;" Time for Vatican III

     Küng is one of the few remaining Catholic theologians, who helped author the reforms of Vatican II that still active in the Catholic Church, although he's been forbidden to teach theology in Catholic universities since 1979 when he published a theological book questioning papal infallibility.  After what's been revealed this past month, how can anyone believe that Pope Benedict can speak infallibly on matters of faith and morals, when his own "morality" includes sacrificing children to be raped by priest-pedophiles?

          Here are some highlights and bullet points of Küng's letter.  In order to understand his points completely, I suggest reading it in full.

     The letter's introduction:
     Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, and I were the youngest theologians at the Second Vatican Council from 1962 to 1965. Now we are the oldest and the only ones still fully active. I have always understood my theological work as a service to the Roman Catholic Church. For this reason, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I am making this appeal to you in an open letter. In doing so, I am motivated by my profound concern for our church, which now finds itself in the worst credibility crisis since the Reformation. Please excuse the form of an open letter; unfortunately, I have no other way of reaching you.
     I deeply appreciated that the pope invited me, his outspoken critic, to meet for a friendly, four-hour-long conversation shortly after he took office. This awakened in me the hope that my former colleague at Tubingen University might find his way to promote an ongoing renewal of the church and an ecumenical rapprochement in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.
     Unfortunately, my hopes and those of so many engaged Catholic men and women have not been fulfilled. And in my subsequent correspondence with the pope, I have pointed this out to him many times. Without a doubt, he conscientiously performs his everyday duties as pope, and he has given us three helpful encyclicals on faith, hope and charity. But when it comes to facing the major challenges of our times, his pontificate has increasingly passed up more opportunities than it has taken:
     Küng's list of Benedict's missed opportunities (condensed):
     This last point, respected bishops, is the most serious of all. Time and again, this pope has added qualifications to the conciliar texts and interpreted them against the spirit of the council fathers. Time and again, he has taken an express stand against the Ecumenical Council, which according to canon law represents the highest authority in the Catholic Church: 
     (Vatican II was an ecumenical council, the place that "big-T Tradition," as in Catholics believe the will of god is revealed in the world via "scripture and Tradition," comes from, and over which, no mere pope can assert authority.  It would be like a pope suddenly declaring that Jesus was not fully divine.)

     Küng then lists Benedict's heretical (my word, not Küng's) actions against the spirit of the teachings of Vatican II, which include bringing back the excommunicated schismatic the traditionalist Pius X Society who reject central points of Vatican II; going back to the Tridentine Latin liturgy; refusing to put into effect the rapprochement with the Anglican Church and instead luring married Anglican clergy into the Roman Catholic Church by freeing them from the very rule of celibacy that has forced tens of thousands of Roman Catholic priests out of office (how's that for hypocrisy?); and actively reinforcing the anti-Vatican II forces by appointing reactionary officials and bishops in the Vatican and around the world.

     Then Küng reproaches Benedict more completely than anyone from within the church has yet to do (hopefully providing language and witness for bishops to follow suit).  Here's just a bit of Küng's scathing of Benedict:
     There is no denying the fact that the worldwide system of covering up cases of sexual crimes committed by clerics was engineered by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger (1981-2005). During the reign of Pope John Paul II, that congregation had already taken charge of all such cases under oath of strictest silence. Ratzinger himself, on May 18th, 2001, sent a solemn document to all the bishops dealing with severe crimes ( “epistula de delictis gravioribus” ), in which cases of abuse were sealed under the “secretum pontificium” , the violation of which could entail grave ecclesiastical penalties. With good reason, therefore, many people have expected a personal mea culpa on the part of the former prefect and current pope. Instead, the pope passed up the opportunity afforded by Holy Week: On Easter Sunday, he had his innocence proclaimed “urbi et orbi” by the dean of the College of Cardinals.  The consequences of all these scandals for the reputation of the Catholic Church are disastrous.
     Finally, Küng calls for the bishops to act by:
     That's the summary of the letter.  For details, click here.

Kiss my aspergillum.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mormon Traditional Marriage: One Gay Man Plus One Straight Woman Equals Big Love

     Gay Mormon writer, Ty Mansfield, who wrote In Quiet Desperation is getting married to a woman.  This is how Mormon, Catholics, and fundamentalist Christian in the United States want to save their "traditional marriage" values.  What hypocrisy!

     Published in October of 2004, this anti-gay message explains that for a gay Mormon, suicide is more honorable and justified than engaging in a homosexual act. Mansfield’s co-authors are the parents of Stuart Matis who, at the age of 32, committed suicide because of an inability to reconcile his Mormon upbringing and his own homosexuality. They also continue to support LDS leaders, who perpetuate discrimination against the LGBT community.

     As a practicing family therapist and doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University, Ty and his beliefs perpetuate a false hope that sexual orientation can be changed and that by way of Mormon doctrine homosexual lifestyles should be rejected and treated as an abhorrent practice. Through inaccurate and false counsel about homosexuality, in the past, gay men were advised to marry women claiming the temptation would subside [just like the Big Love storyline this past season]. And while LDS leaders have stated they no longer perpetuate said advice, as Carol Lynn Pearson explains, “Enough women have been sacrificed on that altar.”
     Mansfield and his fiancée Danielle Palmer have announced their wedding date as May 22nd 2010 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.
     To read about Danielle and Ty's story, and how back in her college days as a self-proclaimed "Men's Chorus groupie," she watched Ty sing in the flamboyant BYU choral ensemble, but didn't fall in love with him until the god of Facebook reconnected them, click here

     And this is supposed to restore the sanctity of marriage?  Parents like those of Matis are the ones who are destroying children and families.

     I wonder who his best man is.

How straight are these gals?

Previously on Big Love:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monserrate's Adam Drags Eve, Part II

     Well, he's back and trying to reclaim his seat, and he's up to his old homophobic and bigoted tactics.

     The New York Daily News reports:
     Supporters of ousted state Sen. Hiram Monserrate are claiming his rival, Assemblyman Jose Peralta, is a pawn of "mega-rich gay fanatics" in an anti-gay flyer being handed out at churches in their Queens district.
     Monserrate and Peralta - both Democrats - and several other candidates will face off in a special election next Tuesday to fill Monserrate's old seat. He is running to win back the job he was booted from by colleagues last month after being convicted of misdemeanor assault on his girlfriend.
     The flyer says Peralta, who has the support of many gay leaders and groups, is the "leading spokesperson for the gay community's [sic] in N.Y.C." It says those groups "are dedicated to destroying our way of life and creating same sex marriage."
     In a statement, Peralta shot back: "This flyer is just another example of how Hiram Monserrate thrives on bullying and hate-mongering."
     Gay and lesbian groups have targeted Monserrate for his opposition to gay marriage. "With each hate-mongering, fear-rattling, equality-stunting volley, Hiram Monserrate digs another foot down into his political grave," said Valerie Berlin, a spokeswoman for the gay advocacy group Fight Back New York.
     Here is the flyer in question.  It reconfirms what we already know to be true.  Monserrate is a bully, bigot, and not worthy of anyone's vote.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adam Drags Eve: Traditional Marriage in New York

     In New York this week, the state Senate voted down the marriage equality law that had passed the House.  The defeat came at the hands of eight Democrats (and the influence of the anti-gay religious group NOM) who voted with the senate's Republican minority to defeat the bill.  Democratic State Senator Joseph Addabbo told the press that by voting against marriage equality: "Here I truly represented equal rights for all."  Seriously?  "For all"?  How do these people sleep at night?  (With members of the opposite sex, of course.)

     One of the Democrats leading the charge for traditional marriage was Senator Hiram Monserrate, yes, that's the same Monserrate that "accidentally" tripped into his girlfriend and slashed her face up with broken glass before violently dragging her out of building to "help" her at a hospital, not down the street, but twenty-three miles away.  As Monserrate's lawyer told the press: "Her head collided with the senator's hand, which had glass in it."  It sure did.  His nickname "Monster Rat" is apparently well-earned.

     Monserrate was convicted of misdemeanor assault conviction in October, and yesterday, just days after voting in support of "traditional" marriage and telling same sex couples that their relationships are lesser than his own loving hetero relationship, Monserrate was sentenced to a measly three years of probation, community service, and counseling - not the 60 days behind bars that prosecutors wanted.

     As The Daily Show's Jon Stewart put it, in New York, traditional marriage means that "Adam Drags Eve. Not Adam drags Steve."

     Traditional marriage indeed!  Hypocrites.
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Reasons to Hate Traditional Marriage Laws: Adultery

     Give the people what they want!  Give them their traditional marriage law.  Let religious fundamentalists define and enforce the law.  Twenty-six of our nation's states have laws punishing adultery, and in four states adultery is a felony.  Why aren't the traditional marriage advocates going after those states that promote adultery by decriminalizing it?

     Our nation's civil marriage law was based on English Common Law (not the bible), which outlawed adultery, premarital sex (fornication), and sodomy. So, my traditional marriage supporting friends, let's go all the way.  Let's get adultery outlawed in all fifty states.  Let's outlaw premarital sex.  Let's make sure that the 38.2% of straight men who stick it in the 32.6% of women's asses, no longer deflower traditional marriage and sexual virtue, even within marriage.  (This does happen, as a certain Catholic in good standing, who shall remain nameless, told me that once her husband talked her into trying anal.  Of course, I'm the one who's Satan, gay atheist that I am.  But, I would never stick it in SHE's mangina.  That would be against Gay Natural Law.)

     If you are wondering what life in a nation that allows traditional marriage law to be enforced would be like, just move to Somalia.

     Last year in Somalia, traditional marriage law was enforced.  The BBC reported:
     A young woman recently stoned to death in Somalia first pleaded for her life, a witness has told the BBC. "Don't kill me, don't kill me," she said, according to the man who wanted to remain anonymous. A few minutes later, more than 50 men threw stones. Human rights group Amnesty International says the victim was a 13-year-old girl who had been raped. Numerous eye-witnesses say she was forced into a hole, buried up to her neck then pelted with stones until she died in front of more than 1,000 people.
     Yesterday, the BBC reported:
     Islamists in southern Somalia have stoned a man to death for adultery but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth. Abas Hussein Abdirahman, 33, was killed in front of a crowd of some 300 people in the port town of Merka. An official from the al-Shabab group said the woman would be killed after she has had her baby.
     "He was screaming and blood was pouring from his head during the stoning. After seven minutes he stopped moving," an eyewitness told the BBC.
     Moderate Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed accused the fundamentalist stoners of spoiling the image of Islam by killing people and harassing women:  "'Their actions have nothing to do with Islam,' said the moderate Islamist."

     But, they do!  Why is it that religious "moderates" are quick to blame fundamentalists' "craziness" whenever their common religious heritage is used to justify violence?  The root of the issue is the scriptures.  There is precedence for stoning adulterers in the scriptures of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, so don't be shocked when some of your followers choose to enforce that precedent.

     As far as I'm concerned, if you share those scriptures, you share the responsibility, just as those who supported the U.S. war on Iraq, share the responsibility for the estimated 100,000 civilian deaths of innocent Iraqis since the start of the war.  It's called social sin, according to the Catholic Church (unless, of course, it involves the Catholic Church; then, it's the fault of a few individually misled priests).

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Friday, October 30, 2009

I Hate Tradition

     My throat was raw.  The rat-like mass of hair glued to my smooth sixteen-year-old face itched.   I had to pee, but the twenty pound homemade fat suit had me captive.   There wouldn’t be a window to get out of the fly-lacking fat suit until intermission, and it was only the first scene of act one.  All I could do was breathe through the pain of my burning bladder and sing:

Who day and night must scramble for a living, feed his wife and children, say his daily prayers, and who has the right as master of the house to have the final word at home?  The papa!  The papa!  Tradition!  The papa!  The papa!  Tradition!

     I hate Fiddler on the Roof, and I hate Tradition. 

     In Fiddler, Tevye (the papa) struggles against the encroaching modern world to get his daughters married off in the appropriate traditional manner (matchmaker, dowry, Jewish husbands, etc.).  He fails, and his daughters’ new fangled idea of marrying for love, wins out.  I hate Fiddler, because generations of conservative Christians across America have flocked to the show and failed to get its message: tradition is relative!

     I hate tradition, because people use it as a weapon against people who are different or as an excuse to continue their own ignorant ways.  Most arguments from tradition are narrow minded and fail to be hermeneutically grounded in any real sense of the diverse historical tapestry that makes up human experience and tradition.

     Which tradition is the ultimate Tradition?  GreekRomanJewishNative American?  Islamic?   BuddhistCatholicHinduAmericanEuropean? AfricanAsian?  Etc. etc.  And within each of these groups, which subgroup’s tradition takes precedence?  Which historical period?  How far back does one go to find the ultimate Tradition?   When did tradition start?  With Lucy?

     Tradition is historically, culturally, and religiously relative.  Tradition is the favorite tool of the religious elite for keeping the lesser masses in check.

     When people use tradition to make their argument against my right to be married, they need to learn a lesson from Fiddler’s Tevye.  There is no single governing “tradition” that defines marriage.  History proves this, and, yes, even their bible proves this.  So, all you tradition-loving conservatives, keep your tradition and your religion out of my civil rights.

Postscript:  For a whirlwind (and humorous) tour through what the bible has to say about “traditional marriage,” click below to watch Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Post-postscript: I did make it through Act I without wetting myself.  Thespis was proud.